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7/2/2016 CSols, Inc. Celebrates 15 Years in Business

July 2, 2016

CSols 15 Year Anniversary LogoCSols Inc. celebrates our 15th anniversary as one the nation’s most trusted Laboratory Informatics Services Providers. We have been given much, as our 15 year history attests! CSols is passionate about staying ahead of the Informatics Market in anticipation of developing a portfolio of the types of services you might require and about hiring the high caliber staff necessary to deliver them. In return, we have been blessed with loyal clients, partners, and employees, all of whom which, we would not be the successful company we are today. As a result, we are thankful that our success has enabled us to allocate a growing percentage of our yearly profit to those less fortunate in our world. CSols seriously thanks you all and are excited about our future together.

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