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About CSols - The Laboratory Informatics ExpertsCSols is the premier Laboratory Informatics Consultancy in North America with offices in Canada and the USA. At CSols we believe that informatics systems and solutions, when properly implemented and utilized, can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a scientific organization. It is our belief that the automation of your laboratory processes and the integration of your data and information systems can help drive business decisions and scientific discovery, improve quality, and ultimately enable the scientist to focus on science.

Why CSols

At CSols our goal is to deliver excellence in all that we do for our clients and partners. We, therefore, practice Excellence by Design™ (EbD). EbD ensures that Excellence is built into all our processes, services, and deliverables.

CSols is also completely vendor neutral so you can be assured that your needs and your project’s success are our only agenda. All CSols relationships with employees, clients, and partners are maintained with the highest integrity, quality and value.

CSols has the informatics, industry, domain, regulatory, and IT expertise and hands-on experience to assure your informatics project and business’ success. Our seasoned team of informatics experts possess a unique blend of science and IT knowledge and experience that enables us to tackle all of your automation and scientific data needs. Excellence in our consultants is ensured through our rigorous hiring process coupled with our corporate culture and values. Our informatics experts are trusted advisors, skilled and reliable, dedicated to delivering excellence. As we continue to grow, we stay committed to our vision and allocate a portion of our profits to help those less fortunate; our contribution to help make the world a better place.

About Us - CSols, Inc.
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Working with CSols

CSols has been a leader in this market for over a decade. We have enjoyed exceptional growth over the last several years and are excited that our expertise, services, and methodologies have been internationally recognized as best in class.

Our on-going mission is to work with our clients to properly and effectively automate and integrate their laboratories and the data they produce continues. We are proud that our efforts have increased our clients’ effectiveness and efficiency and that we have helped them drive their business and improve their product quality. Most importantly, we are thrilled to have played a role in enabling our clients’ scientists and researchers to be able to focus on the science for the betterment of all.

Engage with CSols and let us guide you to success. Whether you are seeking to develop your informatics and scientific data strategy, select the informatics solution that is best for your organization’s needs, implement or enhance your informatics system, or validate it, CSols is ready, willing, and able to help.

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