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chemicalThe needs of a growing global population coupled with dwindling natural resources, climate change, and increasing regulations are creating significant challenges for the chemicals industry.  In response they are focusing their efforts on:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Compliance

Laboratory informatics and data integration plans and solutions are actively being implemented to assist with these efforts.

By refining and standardizing data and information strategies, implementing informatics software solutions such as LIMS and ELN, and integrating disparate data systems chemical companies are:

  • Enabling better decision making, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency
  • Supporting the adoption and use of sustainable materials
  • Complying with ever growing regulatory requirements
  • Developing new materials and products
  • Increasing revenue opportunities

The goal: flexible and sustainable operations able to meet customer needs while maximizing profitability, quality, efficiency, and compliance.  Through these initiatives chemical companies seek to assure their long term viability.

While it is clear what the goal is, there are many strategic and technology choices to be made.  The informatics landscape is complex and expert guidance is needed to achieve success.  So who can you turn to for non-biased, expert assistance?  CSols, of course.

Download - Application Note: SampleManager LIMS in the Oil Refining Industry

Examples of Experience

Case Study #1

CSols has had extensive experience in assisting chemical companies with their informatics strategies and initiatives.  For example, a leading North American chemical company was seeking to operate and support sustainable processes across all functions and provide reliable predictable measurement and control of processes and delivery of product. They were faced with a number of challenges including; multiple “home grown” quality information systems, lack of a common quality database and reporting structure for all plants, lack of integration of existing control and management systems, and ‘checking’ product quality by analysis as opposed to reproducible product quality by process.

Their vision was to implement a companywide Quality Management System (QMS) to enhance capability and predictability of product quality across the business.  In this way, regardless of where a product is manufactured, even if by different technologies, the quality would be uniform.  To realize their vision they elected to: (1) define the desired Future State Processes, Evaluate Informatics Solutions to enable the aforementioned vision, and provide a suite of functionalities including descriptive and inferential statistics for lab personnel, plant operators, and engineers.

CSols, leveraging our unique combination of expertise which includes informatics, IT, and science was engaged to provide Strategic Services which included:

  • Perform an analysis of the current state of laboratory and process control systems, data and information workflows, and integration points between laboratory and process control systems
  • Define the desired Future State and gain company wide acceptance for the recommended workflows, systems, and integration points
  • Assist the customer in selecting the best informatics solution to meet their needs and requirements
  • Develop the Informatics Strategic Implementation Plan

Many benefits were realized by this customer including:

  • Streamlining of workflow and data flow across the organization increasing information throughput and availability thereby increasing productivity and facilitating decision making
  • Attainment of “Virtual Site” status for all manufacturing facilities, whereby products manufactured anywhere are guaranteed to be produced to the same quality standard
  • Standardized informatics system and integration points between laboratory and process systems increasing, supportability, efficiency and information flow and availability
  • Selection of the best Informatics solution to support their needs
  • A clear roadmap detailing how to achieve the vision

Case Study #2

In a second example, a global chemical company had established goals of improving their efficiency and productivity as well as enhancing their regulatory compliance across their North American manufacturing facilities (14).  One aspect of how this was to be accomplished was through the harmonization of their laboratory processes, testing methodologies and compliance practices.  To support this effort the company determined that they needed to standardize their LIMS which currently was running an unsupported version, multiple code bases and configurations, and was additionally woefully in need of upgrading from both a technological and supportability point of view.

CSols was engaged to provide its informatics expertise and implementation services to support this effort.  CSols performed the following services:

  • Analysis and harmonization of all the current instances of the LIMS to develop a core instance
  • Development of “site specific” elements to support non-core requirements
  • Analysis and subsequent replacement of previously custom functions and features with standard capabilities within the new system
  • Implementation of real-time SPC checking of results and automated alerts
  • Standardization of interfaces to process systems (SAP, PI, IP21)
  • Migration of historical data to the new informatics solution
  • Roll out and Hyper Go-Live Support

The benefits realized by this customer included:

  • Standardized, harmonized and upgraded LIMS reducing overall cost of support
  • Harmonized and improved quality control across manufacturing
  • Increased efficiency and productivity from both laboratory and IT perspectives
  • Improved regulatory compliance yielding reduced risk

What does this mean for you?

If you are seeking to promote sustainability, innovation, efficiency, quality, and compliance through informatics solutions, contact CSols today and learn how we can help you achieve these goals.  Our seasoned informatics experts’ knowledgebase includes an expansive blend of informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise. This uniquely positions us to successfully plan, implement and deliver your informatics solution.

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