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The world is energy-hungry and the constantly growing demand for energy has created many challenges for the Energy Industry.  Challenges include:

  • Meeting the demand in the most cost effective manner
  • Complying with all environmental, health, and safety regulations and requirements
  • Realizing synergy goals during mergers and acquisitions
  • Gaining competitive advantage through technological innovation
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency while maintaining quality

Informatics solutions can play a major role in enabling Energy companies to meet these challenges in a number of ways including:

  • Harmonization of processes and testing after a merger or acquisition
  • Increasing quality control
  • Facilitating environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Increasing information availability
    • Integration of data systems
    • Implementation of web-based dashboards
    • Implementation of advanced reporting tools
    • Implementation of mobile devices

Download - Application Note: SampleManager LIMS Project in the Energy Industrry

Examples of Experience

CSols has had extensive experience in assisting energy companies with their informatics initiatives.  For example, one of the United States’ largest energy companies providing electric, gas, and steam service was seeking to improve their productivity, efficiency, information flow, and regulatory compliance capabilities.  They were hampered in these efforts by their current informatics solution which was no longer optimized for their laboratory work processes, did not support their increasing use of contract laboratories, and was being obsoleted by the software provider.  The energy company chose a new informatics solution but then was challenged by the complex tasks of implementing the new system to meet their needs and migrating the legacy data and information.

CSols was engaged to provide Implementation and Migration Services.  The services provided included:

  • Migration of over 10 years of data and results from legacy LIMS to the new LIMS.
  • Analysis of workflows and processes that were then optimized and incorporated into the design of the new LIMS
  • Implementation services of the new LIMS
  • Design and development of module to manage contract laboratory samples
  • Development and delivery of a data/results import function to enable the smooth intake of data and information from contract laboratories
  • Design and development of multiple information views and reports

Many benefits were realized by this customer including:

  • Preservation of historical data and results facilitating statistical analysis and data trending
  • Increased efficiency of work and information flows enhancing productivity and throughput
  • Increased information access and reporting enabling faster and more efficient decision making
  • Software and architectural improvements which reduced support costs while assuring long term viability of informatics platform

In a second example, a leading supplier of power, natural gas, renewable energy and energy management products and services across the continental US had established goals of improving their efficiency and productivity as well as enhancing their regulatory compliance at their power generating plants.  They were currently using an informatics system that had been implemented well over a decade earlier and was about to become unsupported by the vendor.  Additionally, the current informatics platform and solution was not flexible enough to satisfy all their environmental and regulatory testing requirements and as a result many inefficient manual data processes and report generation procedures had been adopted and institutionalized.  Lastly, due to the outdated nature of the informatics platform and system their support costs were becoming untenable.

In order to accomplish their goals and overcome their challenges the energy company planned to upgrade their informatics infrastructure, select and implement a new informatics solution and use this opportunity to reengineer their data and information processes.  They selected a new LIMS system and recognizing CSols’ expertise in not only the informatics and IT spaces but also in the laboratory and science areas, they engaged with us to help them attain their informatics and process improvement goals.

CSols performed the following services:

  • Analysis and optimization of laboratory work and data processes
  • Development of programmatic migration tool which was then utilized to migrate data definitions, data, and results from the legacy LIMS to new LIMS
  • Full Implementation of new LIMS utilizing prototypical methodology
  • Design and development of new features and functions to support customer specific requirements and specialized regulatory requirements
  • Design and development of customer defined reports within the LIMS and specialized interface to Crystal Reports
  • Design, development and implementation of instrument interfaces and barcode capabilities
  • Roll out and Hyper Go-Live Support

The benefits realized by this customer included:

  • Improved and streamlined laboratory work and data processes increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Preservation of historical data and results facilitating statistical analysis and data trending and improving quality control
  • Improved laboratory efficiency and effectiveness through the automation of previously manual data processing and report generation
  • Increased information access and reporting enabling faster and more efficient decision making
  • Informatics and IT architecture improvements which reduced support costs while assuring long term viability of informatics solution
  • Improved regulatory compliance yielding reduced risk

What does this mean for you?

If you seek to tackle the challenges facing you in the Energy industry, contact CSols today and learn how we can help you overcome them.  Our seasoned informatics experts’ knowledgebase includes a blend of informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise. This uniquely positions us to successfully plan, implement and deliver your informatics solution.

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