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Increasing regulatory requirements (safety, labelling, etc.), brand protection, and the need to develop and provide new, healthier products to a growing population are some of the challenges facing the Food and Beverage industry today.  When you add in the needs to minimize costs, maximize productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards, the Food and Beverage industry is truly faced with significant challenges.

In order to meet these challenges food and beverage laboratories (R&D, QC) are actively planning data and information management strategies, implementing informatics software solutions such as LIMS and ELN, and integrating disparate data systems.  Informatics solutions enable food and beverage organizations to:

  • Harmonize and optimize lab processes and testing methodologies
  • Satisfy food safety (FSMA, etc.) and other compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Increase and standardize quality control practices and measures
  • Increase information availability to
    • support integration and coordination of quality testing data
    • increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing
    • accelerate new product and material discovery and development in R&D

Download - Application Note: SampleManager LIMS Project in the Food & Beverage Industry

Examples of Experience

CSols has had extensive experience in assisting food and beverage companies with their informatics initiatives.  For example, an international beverage company was seeking to meet the increasing global demand and developing new beverage products to satisfy evolving global needs.  In order to overcome these challenges the company sought an IT strategy and solution for their laboratories that would support new product development, resource optimization, efficiency, productivity, and information availability.  Further, the IT strategy and solution would increase food safety and traceability thereby mitigating risk.  A key aspect of their solution required a strategic analysis of their laboratory informatics space. To read more on this Project Case Study, click the link below.

"Strategic Planning for Food & Beverage Manufacturer" PCS - CSols, Inc.

What does this mean for you?

If you are seeking to tackle the challenges facing you in the Food and Beverage industry today, contact CSols and learn how we can help you overcome them.  Our seasoned informatics experts’ knowledgebase includes an expansive blend of informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise. This uniquely positions us to successfully plan, implement and deliver your informatics solution.

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