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forensics-finger-print-copyLaw enforcement and forensic scientists are facing many challenges in their world which requires quick, accurate, and unimpeachable analysis of evidence.  Challenges include:

  • Ever increasing volume of evidentiary items requiring analysis and tracking
  • Limited budgets and staff requiring forensic scientist to “do more with less”
  • Increasing costs of analyses due to the need to employ complex technologies
  • Increasing requirements that have to be met to attain and retain accreditation
  • Need for quick analysis and accurate opinions and documentation

Federal, state, county, city and private forensics laboratories have turned to informatics solutions to meet these challenges in a number of ways including:

  • Improving productivity and throughput through comprehensive laboratory and case management
  • Reducing errors and turnaround time through automation and integration of laboratory instruments to informatics systems
  • Increasing efficiency and information sharing through the support of mobile devices and internet portals
  • Facilitating regulatory compliance, chain of custody, and accreditation

Examples of Experience

CSols has had extensive experience in assisting law enforcement and forensic laboratories with their informatics initiatives.  For example, the country-wide Forensics Services Laboratories was seeking to improve their productivity and efficiency while reducing the turnaround time of evidence analysis.  They had determined that they would seek to automate their laboratories through the adoption of a LIMS.  The public health and environmental laboratories within this country were currently utilizing a commercial LIMS and while the most cost effective solution would be to extend this LIMS to the forensics area, the organization was unsure if this would meet their needs and satisfy their goals.  To read more on this Project Case Study, click the button below.

Download Forensics Project Case Study - CSols Inc.

What does this mean for you?

If your Forensics/Crime laboratory is seeking accreditation or to increase its efficiency, productivity, and throughput while reducing errors, turnaround time, and backlog, contact CSols today and learn how we can help you achieve these goals.  Our seasoned informatics experts’ knowledgebase includes an expansive blend of informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise. This uniquely positions us to successfully plan, implement and deliver your informatics solution.

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