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The downturn of the US economy and rising cost to develop and market new drugs has created significant challenges for the pharmaceutical industry.  A few of these challenges include:

  1. The decline in the approval of new compounds (NCE’s) emerging from drug discovery
  2. Increased competition by generic drug rivals
  3. Expanding pressure imposed by regulatory bodies
  4. Weakened growth in the US market

Pharmaceutical companies are responding by seeking new ways to reduce costs and increase innovation and researcher effectiveness.

Laboratory informatics solutions are proving to be major factors in attaining these objectives.

By refining data and information strategies, implementing informatics software solutions such as LIMS and ELN, and integrating disparate data systems companies can:

  • Increase information availability
  • Facilitate data throughput
  • Leverage cross-functional information (access, analysis, and visualization)
  • Increase researcher effectiveness

The result: a dynamic blend of leveraged science and business process improvement to take drug companies to the next level.

Even so, with so many processes and technology choices, where does one begin?

Examples of Experience

CSols has had extensive experience in assisting pharmaceutical companies with their informatics initiatives.  For example, one of the world’s largest global pharmaceutical companies identified the need to rationalize LIMS and other related informatics solutions across all of its divisions.  Over 200 applications were in existence across the company’s many divisions, performing LIMS or LIMS-like functionality.  Many functional gaps existed in the company’s current LIMS deployments which created vast inefficiencies, disconnected processes, lack of information sharing and an overwhelming number of small applications to support.  They reached out for help.  To read more on this Project Case Study, click the link below.


In a second example, CSols was contracted by a global leader in generic pharmaceutical to perform a strategic assessment for selecting an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that would be implemented across multiple sites, divisions, and disciplines. Additionally, CSols was tasked with determining the best strategy for implementation as the system would need to interact with existing systems such as SAP QM, LIMS, and various CDS that were implemented with limited functionality and for limited business processes. To read more on this Project Case Study, click the link below.

Strategic Planning for ELN Systems to support QC and AR&D Regulated Laboratories - CSols, Inc.

What does this mean for you?

If you are seeking to increase your research effectiveness and operational efficiency, maximize information availability or select and implement new informatics solutions, contact CSols today and learn how we can help you achieve these goals.  Our seasoned informatics experts’ knowledgebase includes an expansive blend of informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise. This uniquely positions us to successfully plan, implement and deliver your informatics solution.

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