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ELN Enhancements and Extensions

Whether you have recently completed your initial implementation of your ELN or have been in operation for years, your needs and requirements will invariably expand and change.  To satisfy your changing needs it is common to implement features and capabilities that may not have been used previously, were not available in an older version and are now available as standard, or to support new laboratory processes, workflows, experiments, information sharing requirements, etc.

We have also found that over time an organization will often seek to adjust how their ELN is utilized.  Having started with a simple paper notebook replacement strategy, i.e. “lab notebook under glass” implementation, they seek to increase the information retrieval and sharing capabilities of their ELN through the implementation of more sophisticated templates and the capture of more metadata.

CSols will leverage our experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that any new configuration or enhancement of your ELN will be accomplished in the most efficient, scalable, and supportable way to satisfy both current and future needs. Our team can manage the systems analysis and feedback loops, perform needs and risk assessments, and gather workflow/template requirements.  Additionally we offer deployment support for new or existing templates and methods or as you expand the use of your ELN to other labs and departments.

ELN Enhancements and Extensions - CSols, Inc.

Some examples of ELN Enhancements that CSols have developed and delivered include:

  • Adding Instrument Interfaces
  • Integration of visualization systems, inventory systems, etc.
  • Adding additional metadata which is either automatically or manually captured
  • Workflow/Template additions or changes to match current needs or new experiments
  • User issue list fixes

How we can help enhance or extend your ELN

CSols possesses a diverse portfolio of expertise including laboratory informatics, industry, domain, regulatory, and IT.  Our broad knowledgebase of leading ELN and other laboratory information systems ensures that the enhancement and extension of your system will be accomplished in the most efficient, scalable and supportable way.  Our seasoned teams of ELN consultants possess a unique blend of science and IT experience that enables us to address all of your enhancement and extension needs.

Benefits derived from CSols ELN extension and enhancement services

Enhancing and extending your ELN system to meet the needs of your organization yields many benefits including:

  • New functionality that will increase productivity and the capabilities of the laboratory and its personnel.
  • New outputs and reports that will increase the value that your organization can provide to your customers and your company.
  • Automating additional or new work processes that will increase system utilization and adoption while increasing your effectiveness and productivity.
  • More and better data and information for you to make business and scientific decisions.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do.  When we work with you to enhance and extend your laboratory informatics systems your operation will thrive and excellence will be incorporated into your processes and information.  Your scientists will have more time to devote to science and your laboratory throughput and productivity will increase.

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