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Implementing an ELN can be accomplished utilizing several different approaches; however, a phased approach is generally the most common.  When implementing an ELN via a phased approach, each step along the path should be designed to yield increasing value and benefits for an organization.  In order to realize these gains the level of structure within the ELN will need to be increased.  This is accomplished by designing and adding templates configuring and managing metadata, workflows, and process automations, as well as through the establishment of standardized data vocabularies and other taxonomy.

Additionally, expanding the ELN’s capabilities in successive phases will also increase the value and benefit level of your solution.  Examples of popular ELN capabilities that CSols has often implemented in a phased manner include:

  • Compound Registration System
  • In Vitro & In Vivo Biological Assays
  • Standards & Reagents Management
  • Instrument Calibration & Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Interfacing of Instruments to the ELN
    • Chromatography Data Systems (HPLC, UPLC, LC/MS, etc.)
    • Plate Readers
    • Liquid Scintillation Analyzers
    • BioAnalyzers
    • Gamma Counters
    • FACS
    • Balances, pH Meters, Calipers
    • Etc.
  • Integration of Systems to the ELN
    • Reporting Tools
      • Predictive Tools
      • Data Visualization Tools
      • Data Mining Tools
      • Structural Analysis Tools
      • Decision Support Tools
    • SDMS / EDMS
    • LIMS
    • ERP
    • Etc.

How far down the path an organization ventures, and at what pace, is completely dependent on their goals and culture.  It is important to note, however, that the success of the ELN implementation will come not only from the effort expended in designing and implementing the phases but also from the effort made gaining the agreement and acceptance from the stakeholders of the standardization and structure the implementation will drive.  This is especially true when seeking to implement an ELN across multiple functional areas within an organization that needs to share data and information.

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How we can help you implement your ELN

CSols has been successfully implementing laboratory informatics solutions for over a decade.  Our seasoned ELN Consultants have the real world experience and expertise to assist our clients through all the phases of an ELN implementation.  Further, leveraging our experience and best practices enables CSols’ ELN Consultants to ensure that your implementation phases are balanced, providing value and benefits for all stakeholders.  Additionally, our tried and true implementation processes will facilitate attaining agreement and harmonization of an organization’s workflows and data needs.

Our ELN Consultants’ skill set includes leading ELN systems, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise which uniquely positions CSols to successfully implement and deliver your ELN solution.  Additionally, CSols offers Laboratory Information System Strategic Services which when utilized prior to the implementation phase of your laboratory informatics project will greatly enhance your success.

CSols has expertise and experience in a variety of ELN implementation methodologies.  Our experience ranges from classic sequential design methodologies to incremental and iterative Agile style methodologies.  Many of our customers require that their particular implementation methodology be followed and we are happy to comply.

CSols has also developed our own Project Management Institute (PMI) based, value-added project management methodology which when executed by our Project Management Professional (PMP) certified, ELN Project Managers ensure your laboratory informatics project success.

And speaking of success, CSols’ believes that true ELN solution success must include high user acceptance and utilization of the implemented system.  We ensure this by actively managing the change that your new ELN may bring to your organization.  CSols engages and involves all the stakeholders (managers, supervisors and scientists) in the ELN implementation process.  Their issues are addressed, their concerns are assuaged, and their needs are met.  The new solution becomes their solution and they will embrace it and utilize it.

Benefits derived from CSols delivered ELN implementations

Customers utilizing CSols for their full ELN implementation have attained industry leading success rates.  By leveraging our laboratory informatics consulting experts, broad experience, phased implementation approach, flexible implementation methodologies, and PMI based project management process, CSols’ clients have routinely saved time, money, and resources.  Additionally, ELN systems implemented by CSols have unparalleled adoption and satisfaction rates by all stakeholders including the end user scientists.  Ninety percent (90%) of CSols’ customers are repeat customers!

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do.  So you will be building excellence into your laboratory informatics solution by utilizing CSols for your Full ELN System Implementation.

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