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ELN Health Check

CSols’ ELN Health Check is designed to provide you with comprehensive information to enable you to “Get The Most out of Your ELN” solution. In order to provide true business value, your ELN needs to be a lot more than a paper lab notebook replacement. It needs to be able to provide data visibility across multiple R&D departments, both internal and external. This data must be able to be shared, searched and form the basis of a knowledge repository from which critical decisions can be made. Once so implemented productivity and efficiency gains will be realized through the reduction of non-value added manual activities and the ability to reuse critical data. Our Health Check process, developed leveraging best practices, will…

  • Document the Current State of your ELN implementation
  • Identify your ELN implementation’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
  • Develop and define the Future State of your ELN implementation
  • Provide you with a Roadmap on how to get to the Future State

Health Check services include:

  • ELN Current State Analysis
    • Laboratory processes and workflow analysis
    • ELN template(s) review
    • ELN search performance analysis
    • Laboratory automation and systems integration analysis
    • Regulatory transition state analysis
    • ELN SWOT analysis
    • Meta data capture analysis
  • ELN Future State Definition
    • New laboratory processes and workflow definition
    • Laboratory automation and systems integration analysis
    • ELN Gap analysis
  • ELN Future State Requirements Definition
    • Site, geographical, or global search requirements
    • Template consolidation
Deliverables - CSols, Inc.


  • Information & Process Maps & Use Cases
    • Current State
    • Future State
  • ELN SWOT Analysis Document
  • ELN Gap Analysis Document
  • Automation and Integration Maps
  • ELN Future State Requirements Document
  • ELN Roadmap

How we can help you to the Next Stage of your ELN evolution

CSols has been successfully implementing laboratory informatics solutions for over a decade. Our seasoned ELN Consultants have the real world experience and expertise to assist our clients through all the stages of an ELN implementation. During the Health Check process information is gathered and developed through a series of subject matter expert and process owner interviews, business and application briefings, and workshops.  The end result of these efforts will ensure that you have everything you need to assist in identifying and planning the next phases of your ELN evolution.

Benefits derived from CSols delivered ELN Health Check Services

Customers utilizing CSols to assess their ELN’s current state and identify the needs and opportunities that their ELN could satisfy have benefited in many ways.  The information delivered with our Health Check services has been leveraged by our clients to secure project acceptance and funding from management and the organization.Laboratories and researchers have had marked increases in their productivity and effectiveness.  Research organizations have been able to more easily find and share critical data and information, thereby increasing collaboration and reducing the amount of duplicate experiments being conducted.

Taking the next step in the evolution of their ELN has paid off for our clients and partners which is why ninety percent (90%) of CSols’ customers are repeat customers!

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