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CSols has been delivering successful Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and other scientific information and data system implementations for over a decade. Our seasoned laboratory informatics consultants each have an average of fifteen (15) years of experience. Their knowledgebase includes a blend of laboratory informatics systems, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise.Communication Gap - CSols, Inc.  This combination of skills uniquely positions CSols to be able to successfully implement, enhance, extend, and integrate your ELN solution on time, within budget while meeting your users’ and business’ requirements. In addition, this will lead to a solution with high utilization and adoption rate.  We are able to bridge the communication gap between IT and the lab, keeping projects on task and on track while making sure each side is “heard” and “gets” what they require from the implementation of the system.

CSols offers a broad set of ELN implementation services

Our ELN implementation services range from full solution implementation to integrating and enhancing your system and everything in-between.  CSols recognizes that ELNs are often implemented in stages or phases, so to ensure that you get the most out of your ELN, CSols will work with you to analyze your ELN implementation and to help guide you to the realization of greater benefits for your organization and company.

CSols also offers Laboratory Informatics Strategic Services which, when utilized prior to the implementation phase of your ELN or LES project, will greatly enhance your success and system adoption rate.

LIMS, ELN, LES, and other Lab Information Systems Validation Services are also available for systems being implemented in regulated environments.

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