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An ELN is not just another IT system that any project manager can plan and manage.  An ELN is a complex laboratory informatics software system. The project management surrounding such a system requires specialized knowledge and experience to ensure success.  Regardless of whether you are doing your initial ELN implementation, increasing your ELN data capture levels, or expanding your ELN’s capabilities, it’s important to recognize that Project Management will be critical to the success of your project.

Further, we believe that the classic definition of project success (on-time, within budget, and satisfying the requirements) leaves out a critical element – the use and adoption of the ELN!  Without considering all the stakeholders needs, involving them, and managing how they perceive and receive the laboratory informatics system, you may very well have a “successful” ELN implementation but no one will use the system.

So CSols doesn’t just provide ELN-oriented Project Management, we will also work with your organization to manage the change the implementation will inevitably drive.  In this way, you will have a truly successful ELN project that meets your requirements, is delivered on-time and within budget, and that will be adopted and used by all the stakeholders.

How we can help you manage your ELN project

Project ManagementCSols has been successfully delivering Laboratory Informatics Solutions for over a decade. We have leveraged all this experience to develop our proven project management methodology which is based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

Additionally, our project managers are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.  However, unlike managing generic IT projects, CSols believes that successfully managing ELN projects requires specialized knowledge and expertise beyond the utilization of PMI principles and the attainment of PMI credentials. The extra ingredients to your ELN project success is ELN product expertise and domain (i.e. industry, lab type, scientific practices, etc.) knowledge and real-world experience.

Our seasoned team of ELN project managers possesses a unique blend of project management, industry, laboratory, IT and ELN systems expertise that enables us to drive the success of your ELN project.

Moreover, our methodologies for change management and stakeholder inclusion ensure that your ELN project will have a high adoption and utilization rate. Our project management services cover the complete project from the management of CSols, client, vendor, and other third party resources assigned to the ELN project. CSols is also completely vendor neutral so you can be assured that your needs and your ELN project success are our only agenda.

Deliverables - CSols, Inc.


  • Project Charter
  • Project plan
  • Risk Analysis
  • Resource plan
  • Governance model
  • Monthly status reports
  • Issue Tracking and Resolution
  • Project Closeout

Benefits Derived From CSols Managed ELN Projects

Customers utilizing CSols for their ELN solution Project Management have attained industry leading success, system adoption and utilization rates.  By leveraging our proven PMI based project management processes and utilizing our laboratory informatics and domain expert PMP certified project managers they have routinely saved valuable time, money, and resources.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do. So you will be building excellence into your laboratory information system project and solution by utilizing CSols for your Project Management.

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