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ELN & LIMS Configuration and Customization

Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) laboratory informatics systems generally require configuration and customization to meet your business objectives and requirements.

Configuration is generally defined as tailoring the ELN or LIMS solution utilizing the COTS vendor’s tools and templates. This does not require any programming. Examples of configuration tasks include the definition of user profiles and users, data elements such as sample types, tests, templates, spreadsheet, workflows, business rules, and event triggers. Customization, on the other hand, is the modifying of the COTS LIMS or ELN system through programming. Examples of LIMS customization and ELN customization include the development of new functionality, extension of system functions, and programmatic interfaces to instruments and other systems.

Best practices dictates that when implementing a laboratory information system that the amount of customization be minimized whenever feasible in order to maximize long term supportability of the system. Therefore, intimate knowledge and expertise of the capabilities, features, and tools of the particular LIMS or ELN system being implemented is critical to your project’s success.

How CSols Can Help You Configure & Customize Your LIMS and ELN

CSols has expertise and knowledge of the leading LIMS and ELN systems as well as many other scientific software systems (see Technologies Page for list) and as independent ELN and LIMS consultants we’ll always advise you as to the best way to satisfy your requirement, either through configuration or customization. We will accomplish this without forcing large scale reengineering of your processes while engaging fully with all stakeholders (managers, supervisors, scientists) to effectively manage change and gain system acceptance and adoption. Additionally, our industry, domain, regulatory, and IT expertise coupled with our broad and deep experience in ELN and LIMS implementations provide the highest value to our customers. We also leverage our experience to ensure that the configuration and customization of your laboratory informatics systems will be accomplished in the most efficient, scalable and supportable way to satisfy both your current and future needs.

Deliverables include:

  1. Enhanced laboratory informatics system
  2. Requirements Definition
  3. Design Documents
  4. Configuration Documents
  5. Unit test scripts
  6. Integration Test scripts
  7. Code

Benefits From CSols Configuration and Customization of LIMS and ELN

LIMS and ELN systems that have been configured and customized by CSols have consistently met or exceeded our customer’s expectations. The delivered laboratory information systems have met all requirements, increased effectiveness, productivity, and quality while maximizing system adoption and utilization rates. Additionally, CSols’ independence, diverse laboratory informatics knowledgebase, and domain expertise has been effectively leveraged to optimize the configuration/customization mix of our customer’s LIMS and ELN solutions while minimizing operational changes and disruption.

At CSols, we practice Excellence by Design™ so you will be building excellence into your laboratory informatics solution when utilizing us for the configuration and customization of your LIMS or ELN system.

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