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ELN & LIMS Full System Implementation

While some software solutions are ready to run right out of the box, most LIMS and ELN solutions require a concerted effort to properly implement them so that they will satisfy your organization’s requirements and needs. As we have noted, the implementation process can be broken down into a number of interrelated tasks that have to be carried out in an appropriate sequence. The process is a complex one and needs to be guided by a project plan and a project manager with experience managing laboratory information software projects. Further, utilizing a well-proven laboratory data and information management system implementation methodology is essential to the success of your LIMS or ELN implementation.

How CSols Can Help You Implement Your LIMS or ELN

CSols has been successfully implementing laboratory informatics solutions for over a decade. Our seasoned LIMS consultants and ELN consultants each have an average of fifteen (15) years of real world experience. Their knowledgebase includes a blend of laboratory informatics, science, industry, domain, IT, and regulatory expertise which uniquely positions CSols to successfully implement and deliver your LIMS, ELN, or LIMS/ELN solution. Additionally, CSols offers Laboratory Information System Strategic Services which when utilized prior to the implementation phase of your laboratory informatics project will greatly enhance your success.

CSols has expertise and experience in a broad range of LIMS & ELN implementation methodologies from classic sequential design methodologies to incremental and iterative methodologies. Many of our customers require that their particular implementation methodology be followed and we are happy to comply. CSols has, however, leveraged our experience to develop our own best practices, value-added laboratory information system implementation methodology. That is the LASER™ – Laboratory Automation Services Execution Routes implementation methodology.

CSls System Implementation Methodology

As shown in the graphic representation above, the LASER implementation methodology combines the best of sequential design methodologies and the speed and effectiveness of incremental and iterative methodologies. LASER is completely scalable and has been utilized in both regulated and non-regulated environments to successfully implement LIMS, ELN, and other scientific software solutions.

CSols has also developed our own Project Management Institute (PMI) based, value-added project management methodology which when executed by our Project Management Professional (PMP) certified, LIMS, ELN, and domain expert project managers ensure your laboratory informatics project success.

And speaking of success, CSols’ believes that true LIMS and ELN solution success must include high user acceptance and utilization of the implemented system. We ensure this by actively managing the change that your new LIMS or ELN solutions may bring to your organization. CSols engages and involves all the stakeholders (managers, supervisors and scientists) in the ELN or LIMS implementation process. Their issues are addressed, their concerns are assuaged, and their needs are met. The new solution becomes their solution and they will embrace it and utilize it.

CSols’ broad LIMS and ELN, domain, laboratory instrument, and other IT systems knowledgebase and expertise ensures that the configuration, customization, and integration of your LIMS and/or ELN system will be accomplished in the most efficient, scalable, and supportable way to satisfy both your current and your future needs. Also as the leading, independent lab informatics consulting company, CSols will always choose the best way to satisfy your requirement, either by configuration or customization, without forcing large scale reengineering of your processes.

Benefits Derived from CSols Delivered ELN & LIMS Implementations

Customers utilizing CSols for their full ELN or LIMS implementation have attained industry leading success rates. By leveraging our laboratory informatics consulting experts, broad experience, proven LASER implementation methodology, and PMI based project management process, CSols’ clients have routinely saved time, money, and resources. Additionally, LIMS and ELN systems implemented by CSols have unparalleled adoption and satisfaction rates by all stakeholders including the end user scientists. Ninety percent (90%) of CSols’ customers are repeat customers!

At CSols, we practice Excellence by Design™ so you will be building excellence into your laboratory informatics solution by utilizing CSols for your Full ELN and/or LIMS System Implementation.

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