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ELN & LIMS Hyper-Care Support

So your LIMS or ELN solution is fully implemented, all the testing and documentation is complete, and you think you are ready to go-live. However, you know that if there are any glitches or if the users (lab technicians, scientists, supervisors, managers) have difficulties or get frustrated, then your laboratory information system implementation will fail. Go-live, as well as the following couple of weeks, may well be the most critical timeframe in your long quest to improve the laboratory’s effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, information flow, and regulatory compliance.

How We Can Help You Support Your ELN or LIMS Go-Live

CSols has been successfully implementing and delivering laboratory informatics solutions for over a decade. Our seasoned LIMS consultants and ELN consultants, each of whom have an average of fifteen (15) years of experience, have developed a complete go-live support offering that we call Hyper-Care Support (HCS). HCS ensures that your laboratory information solution will get deployed cleanly and all of the users will be delighted. The key to a successful LIMS or ELN go-live is training and support.

The laboratory information system training must be developed and delivered prior to the go-live date but no earlier than two weeks beforehand. Additionally, the LIMS or ELN training courses and materials must be configured and customized to not only reflect your system’s implementation but by role (i.e. lab technician, scientist, supervisor, system administrator, etc.) of the trainees. Additional training of your system administrator and super users should also be conducted in an informal, unstructured manner which we do by having our LIMS consultants or ELN consultants sit side by side with your team leaders to transfer knowledge and the specifics of your LIMS or ELN solution.

However, despite all your efforts to train the users and administrators of the laboratory information system, there will inevitably be questions and hiccups when you officially go live. How this is handled is the true make or break test of your project. All of these questions and issues must be handled professionally, fully and rapidly or frustration will set in and your adoption rate will plummet. For this reason, CSols’ laboratory informatics consultants provide both on-site and telephone support during this critical stage. Our experts will be there with your team to make sure that all questions and issues are handled.

Deliverables include:

  1. Role-based training courses
  2. Customized training materials
  3. Training workbooks
  4. On-site support
    1. End user support
    2. System manager support
    3. IT support
    4. Knowledge transfer
  5. Telephone support

Benefits From CSols ELN & LIMS Hyper-Care Support Services

CSols’ Hyper-Care Support ensures that your LIMS or ELN system will launch cleanly and that you will attain the highest level of adoption and utilization of your laboratory informatics solution. Additionally, the LIMS and ELN role based training, knowledge transfer, on-site support, and telephone support offered during Hyper-Care Support will ensure that the frustration level of your techs, scientists, supervisors, and managers will be minimized and your laboratory’s effectiveness and productivity will increase.

At CSols, we practice Excellence by Design™. When we provide LIMS and ELN Hyper-Care Support your laboratory informatics system adoption rate and utilization will become excellent. User satisfaction as well as your organizations overall productivity and effectiveness will greatly increase.

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