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Data generated in the laboratory is often combined with other data, interpreted, and then translated into information that is usable to the researcher or organization. The derived information can then be used to drive both scientific and business decisions. Laboratory data frequently needs to be integrated to document management systems, analytical data warehouses, business systems (Billing, Accounting, Human Resources), and a variety of other systems (i.e. ERP, Plant Historian Systems, CAPA, CMMS, Document Management). Integrating data from multiple disparate systems can be both complex and problematic.

LIMS Integration and Other LIS Integration

CSols has been operating in the laboratory information and informatics arena for over a decade. During that time, we have gained unparalleled experience in LIMS integration as well as integrating laboratory data and information systems with other software systems. Information systems integrated have been both inside and outside the lab. We have utilized a variety of API’s, middleware, database integration tools, web services, and custom programs to accomplish our clients’ ELN and LIMS integration goals. Knowledge and experience utilizing integration tools is essential but even more important to success is CSols’ understanding and knowledge of the LIMS and ELN systems and how laboratory data is used across an organization. When you engage with CSols to integrate your information systems to your LIMS or ELN we leverage all our experience and our unique blend of science, laboratory informatics, and IT expertise to drive your success.

Deliverables include:

  1. Requirements Definition
  2. Design Documents
  3. Configuration Documents
  4. System integration code and configuration
  5. Unit test scripts
  6. Integration test scripts

LIMS Integration and ELN Integration Benefits

Customers who have utilized CSols to integrate their LIMS and ELN systems with other IT systems have increased their organizations ability to make business decisions as well as their effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Additionally, by bringing data together we have facilitated the derivation of information that has helped drive scientific discovery and innovation.

At CSols, we practice Excellence by Design™. When we work with you to integrate your laboratory informatics and IT systems your ability to derive information and make decisions will become excellent. You will enhance your discovery efforts and improve your overall productivity and effectiveness.

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