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LIMS Data Migration

LIMS systems are driven by data.  Data in this context can be both static system data (specifications, sample types, tests, reagents) and historical data (results, raw data, stability data).  When migrating from one LIMS to another, it is always a goal to transfer as much of the static and historical data from the old LIMS to the new one as feasible.  Additionally, static and historic data may be found in other systems or even on paper based system.  This data should also be migrated, if possible.  Data Migration can be a real challenge the size of which is dependent on the size and complexity of both the data sources and the implemented laboratory informatics system.

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Data migration can be accomplished in one of two main ways – manually or programmatically.  CSols has found that a hybrid approach, maximizing the use of automated, programmatic tools while employing manual methods when needed, is the best practice.  CSols will work with you to develop the best solution to satisfy your data migration needs taking in to account all technical, regulatory, and financial preferences and constraints.

How we can help you migrate your LIMS data

CSols has extensive experience in performing LIMS Data Migration services.  CSols has developed a hybrid data migration methodology which utilizes both manual and programmatic processes.  There are a number of standard Extract Transfer Load (ETL) tools available that often can be utilized to perform the programmatic process.  Additionally, CSols has developed a more robust, laboratory information system oriented data transfer tool, the Automated LIMS Loader (ALL), which facilitates multi-source data migration and load processes.

Regardless of the tool utilized, in order to programmatically migrate LIMS and other laboratory information system data, a thorough understanding of the data structures, data definitions, and how the data is used is essential.  Our laboratory information systems (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, CDS, etc.), industry, and domain expertise combined with our intimate knowledge of laboratory processes and how data is utilized makes us uniquely qualified to successfully perform these services.

Deliverables - CSols, Inc.


  • Requirements Definition
  • Design/Configuration Documents
  • Programmatic Process
    • Data transfer program/map
    • Test Scripts
  • Manual Processes
    • Full documentation of process
    • Data map

Benefits Derived From CSols LIMS Data Migration Services

Utilizing CSols’ LIMS consultants, our hybrid methodology and tools as well as our understanding of the data structures, LIMS systems, and the scientific use of the data, you will derive the following benefits by utilizing CSols to perform your LIMS data migration:

  • Reduced time and resources needed to get your LIMS ready to go live
  • The programmatic transference of data will increase the quality of the data in the new LIMS by reducing errors due to data transcription
  • The data in the new LIMS will make sense and be truly useful

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do.  Our hybrid methodology for LIMS and other laboratory information system data migration will infuse excellence into your new LIMS and ensure that it is ready to run quicker and with truly useful data.

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