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Training is critical to the successful adoption of your LIMS solution.  Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) LIMS vendors will generally offer a series of training programs often based on the functions of the system.  This type of training is usually designed for super users and system administrators rather than end users.  Moreover, the training materials utilized and the training courses themselves will be based on a generic system, not your implemented system, and will therefore be of only limited use in the training of your organization’s personnel.

How we can help train your LIMS users

CSols’ LIMS training experts have a long, successful track record in the preparation of customized, role-based (technician, researcher, supervisor, system administrator) laboratory information system training materials and classes.  Our LIMS training materials and classes can be oriented toward delivery in a classroom setting, as computer based training modules, or for “train the trainer” consumption.  Our expertise in laboratory informatics systems coupled with our industry, domain, and laboratory knowledge ensures that your LIMS training materials and classes will be designed, developed, and delivered to optimize your system’s adoption.

Deliverables: LIMS Training - CSols, Inc.


  • Role-Based Training Courses
  • Customized Training Materials
  • Training Workbooks


Benefits derived from CSols LIMS training services

LIMS role based training courses and the accompanying training materials that are designed for your specific laboratory information system implementation will greatly increases the adoption and utilization of the system.  The frustration level of your scientists, supervisors and managers will be minimized and your laboratory’s effectiveness and productivity will increase.  Additionally, utilization of multiple training orientations (i.e. classroom, computer based, self-paced, “train the trainer”) will streamline your LIMS training process and increase its effectiveness.  Lastly, your customized LIMS courses and materials are yours and may be used for any required retraining or for new users.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do.  When we develop and deliver your LIMS role-based customized training courses and materials, your laboratory informatics system adoption rate and utilization will become excellent.  User satisfaction as well as your organizations overall productivity and effectiveness will greatly increase.

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