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Watch Webinar - "Time to Revisit your Laboratory Informatics Strategy"CSols’ Laboratory Informatics Strategic Services are designed to assess your business and laboratory needs, and deliver tailor-made informatics strategies and plans to maximize efficiency and help you attain your goals.

It is well documented that the failure rate of IT projects, including Laboratory Informatics projects, hovers around 70% – a substantive portion of which can be directly attributed to poor or a complete lack of planning. Sound lab informatics planning is absolutely essential to achieving success and ensuring your business needs are met.

Unlike planning generic IT projects, laboratory informatics (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, CDS, etc.) projects require specialized knowledge and expertise. CSols, as the premier independent provider of laboratory information systems services, possesses a diverse portfolio of expertise including laboratory informatics systems, industry, domain, regulatory, and IT. Our seasoned team of lab informatics consultants possess a unique blend of science and IT experience that enables us to tackle all of your lab informatics strategic needs. CSols is also completely vendor-neutral so you can be assured that your needs and your project’s success are our only agenda.

Read Now - LIMS Selection at a Contract Research OrganizationSo if you are not sure where to begin, what to do, who you can trust, or where the biggest return on your laboratory informatics investment will be, contact CSols today to learn how working with CSols will make your laboratory informatics strategy and plan a success.

Laboratory Informatics Strategic Services offered by CSols includes:

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