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Laboratory Informatics Landscape & Roadmap Development

In today’s highly complex and interrelated world, organizations are drowning in a sea of data. They struggle to manage, integrate and convert data into information to drive research and discovery, assure quality, make decisions, and run their businesses efficiently. Scientific data systems such as LIMS, ELN, LES, and SDMS as well as manufacturing and business systems like MES, ERP, and PLM are pervasive. Business processes and laboratory processes have become inseparable. Understanding full data and information flow, data and system interdependencies, bottlenecks, and master data ownership is, therefore, critical to your success. Underlying everything is your informatics architecture which if not properly defined, developed, and managed can bring the whole enterprise to its knees.

How CSols Helps You Develop Your Laboratory Informatics Roadmap

Our team of expert informatics consultants will perform a business and laboratory process review, as well as a data and information flow analysis. We will identify and document your current laboratory informatics systems, other integrated systems, and laboratory processes (“As Is” state) and work with you to develop and define your future state (“To Be” state). The role of each system is clearly defined and accompanied by illustrations that outline which laboratory information, laboratory data, process, manufacturing, and business systems should be integrated. Our review will also uncover any system and/or data redundancies with recommendations as to which systems should remain in place and which systems should be retired. Data ownership, system interdependencies, and synchronization requirements are also addressed.  Data, process, and methodology harmonization recommendations are additionally made. CSols will also assess your existing laboratory informatics architecture and make recommendations for optimizing your current environment and what additional hardware and software systems will be needed to support your future state.


  • Stakeholders interview notes
  • “As Is” workflow process map
  • “To Be” workflow process map
  • Current and planned laboratory informatics systems assessment
  • Laboratory Informatics roadmap (three to five year period)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) determination

Benefits From Laboratory Informatics Landscape Analysis and Roadmap

Our customers have found these services are invaluable in assessing their current laboratory informatics state as well as their overall laboratory information management and integration goals, objectives, and priorities. The information delivered has been effectively leveraged to develop long range laboratory data and information plans and secure project funding. By taking the time and leveraging CSols’ expert laboratory informatics consultants to document and develop your laboratory informatics roadmap you will save valuable time, money, and resources.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do. Let us help you build excellence into your laboratory informatics environment and future state by developing and documenting your Laboratory Informatics Landscape and Roadmap with CSols.

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