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ELN & LIMS Business Needs Analysis

IT projects, including ELN and LIMS projects, have a staggering failure rate of approximately 70%.  While this is largely due to poor planning and project management, many failures are caused by organizations focusing on the features and functions of the ELN or LIMS product when choosing a system as opposed to their laboratory’s actual business needs.  A critical success factor for any ELN or LIMS project is the gathering, development, and documentation of the business needs of the laboratory as they they align with the goals of the organization.  Your business needs, therefore, are the starting point of your successful ELN or LIMS project.  They will be referenced throughout the various phases of your ELN or LIMS project and will guide many of your decisions.

How We Help You Develop and Document Your ELN & LIMS Needs

CSols utilizes a value-added, proven process to gather, develop, and document your business needs.  The process uses multiple methodologies including one-on-one stakeholder interviews, interactive workshops, data and workflow mapping (“As Is”, “To Be”), and business process analysis to ensure that all the business needs are captured and consensus on their relative priority is attained.  The role of each laboratory informatics system and any information system, business system, and instrument integration requirements are also documented.  Redundant or to be obsoleted systems are also identified.  Data ownership, interdependencies, and synchronization requirements are also addressed and data, process and methodology harmonization recommendations are made.  CSols’ expert ELN and LIMS consultants possesses hundreds of years of both informatics and laboratory experience that we leverage to help you identify all your true needs.. Our vast experience enables us to ask the right questions, eliminating any gaps in your ELN or LIMS business needs assessment.


  • Stakeholders interview notes
  • “As Is” workflow process map
  • “To Be” workflow process map
  • Current and planned laboratory informatics systems assessment
  • Laboratory informatics business needs analysis

Benefits of ELN and LIMS Business Needs Analysis

A well-defined set of business needs developed at the onset of your ELN or LIMS project will facilitate informatics solution selection, enable you to determine your priorities, and will ultimately reduce the implementation timeline.  By understanding all your business needs, you can select the ELN and/or LIMS system that best fits your business while ignoring unnecessary bells and whistles.  Additionally, clear understanding of the business needs will drive your ELN or LIMS implementation strategy, allowing you to optimize your efforts while saving valuable time.  Documenting and prioritizing your business needs is especially critical in regulated environments as they will affect your ELN or LIMS validation risk assessment.  This in turn will guide whether or not certain functions of the ELN or LIMS will need to be validated and if so, to what degree.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is infused into our Laboratory and Business Needs Analysis process and applied when developing the foundation of your ELN and/or LIMS project. Click below to learn how your needs will drive your ELN and/or LIMS solution choice and will streamline your implementation timeline.

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