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ELN & LIMS User Requirements Definition (URS)

A well-defined set of business needs developed at the onset of your ELN or LIMS project will facilitate informatics solution selection, enable you to determine your priorities, and will ultimately reduce the implementation timeline.  By understanding all your business needs, you can select the ELN and/or LIMS system that best fits your business while ignoring unnecessary bells and whistles.  Additionally, clear understanding of the business needs will drive your ELN or LIMS implementation strategy, allowing you to optimize your efforts while saving valuable time.  Documenting and prioritizing your business needs is especially critical in regulated environments as they will affect your ELN or LIMS validation risk assessment.  This in turn will guide whether or not certain functions of the ELN or LIMS will need to be validated and if so, to what degree.

How We Help You Define Your ELN & LIMS User Requirements

Once the laboratory organization’s business needs are documented and prioritized, they are translated by CSols ELN and LIMS consultants into your user requirements.  Your user requirements are inclusive of laboratory, IT, regulatory, and business requirements and together comprise your finalized ELN or LIMS User Requirements Specification (URS).

During this process we leverage our LIMS and ELN, industry, domain, regulatory, and IT expertise to define and map your requirements to the actual functionality of LIMS and ELN systems.  Our highly trained ELN and LIMS consultants understand your laboratory processes, the science behind them, as well as your laboratory data management needs, and leverage our two decades and hundreds of man years of laboratory informatics experience to define requirements which capture your complete needs.


  • User Requirements Specification – URS

Benefits From CSols Developed ELN & LIMS URS

A well-defined User Requirements Specification (URS) is essential in making your ELN and/or LIMS system selection.  The URS will ensure that your critical requirements are met and that no gaps exist in your chosen ELN or LIMS solution.  Additionally, your URS will prevent you from getting distracted by unneeded “bells and whistles” so your ELN or LIMS system purchase cost will be minimized.  Your URS will also help you lower the overall cost of your ELN or LIMS project by allowing you to focus your efforts on implementing your critical requirements first.  In turn, this will reduce your timeline and overall ELN or LIMS project cost.


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