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Selecting the best LIMS and/or ELN for your laboratory operation can be a daunting task.  It is critical that your ELN and/or LIMS selection be made in a systematic fashion to ensure that your chosen solution will truly meet your operations’ business needs, and functional requirements.  The most common causes of ELN and LIMS project failure include lack of planning, not fully developing and documenting requirements, and not controlling the vendor selection process.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Informatics Solution

How We Help You Select Your ELN and/or LIMS

CSols has developed and successfully utilized a comprehensive set of processes and tools to help guide their clients in selecting the right ELN and/or LIMS solution for their organization. Some of these have been previously described such as Laboratory Informatics Landscape and Roadmap Development, ELN & LIMS Business Needs Analysis and ELN & LIMS User Requirements Definition (URS).

Our full ELN and/or LIMS System Selection Services offering will help you plan, define, control, evaluate, and ultimately decide on your laboratory informatics solution.  Our multi-phase process includes:

  • Laboratory Informatics Planning (some services may be combined)
    • Laboratory Informatics Landscape and Roadmap Development
    • ELN & LIMS Business Needs Analysis
    • ELN & LIMS System Requirements Definition (URS)
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Management
    • ELN & LIMS RFP Development
    • Short List of Vendors Development
    • ELN & LIMS RFP Question Administration
    • ELN & LIMS RFP Response Evaluation
  • Vendor Demonstration Management
    • ELN & LIMS Demonstration Scenario and Script Development
    • Lead ELN & LIMS Vendor Demonstration Sessions
    • Post ELN & LIMS Demonstration Evaluation
  • ELN & LIMS Final Solution Evaluation
  • ELN & LIMS Selection Decision Assistance
  • ELN & LIMS Implementation Strategy and Plan Development

CSols will also leverage its ELN and LIMS product, domain, industry, project management, and IT expertise to guide you to the right laboratory informatics solution. The fact that CSols is completely vendor-neutral assures you we are your advocate with no hidden agendas.

Deliverables include:

  • Stakeholders Interview Notes
  • “As Is” workflow process map
  • “To Be” workflow process map
  • Current and planned laboratory informatics systems assessment
  • Recommended laboratory informatics approach document
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Assessment
  • Business Value Assessment and Impact Assessments for recommended changes
  • Laboratory Informatics roadmap (three to five year period)
  • Detailed technical and process optimization recommendations
  • Organizational optimization recommendations
  • Laboratory Informatics business needs analysis
  • Detailed ELN and/or LIMS User Requirements Specification – URS
  • ELN and/or LIMS Request For Proposal – RFP
  • ELN and/or LIMS RFP Evaluation Matrix and Results
  • ELN and/or LIMS Vendor Short List
  • ELN and/or LIMS Demonstration Scenario and Script
  • ELN and/or LIMS Demonstration Score Cards
  • Final Vendor Selection Recommendation
  • ELN and/or LIMS Implementation Strategy and Plan

Benefits From CSols ELN & LIMS Selection Services

By utilizing CSols’ proven ELN and/or LIMS Solution Selection process, our customers have universally chosen the laboratory informatics solution that best fit their needs.  The initial purchase cost of the chosen solution was lower because their complete business and technical needs, priorities, and requirements were well documented. Therefore, they did not get drawn into purchasing features or add-ons which provided no real value to their organizations.  Additionally, their overall ELN and/or LIMS project costs were reduced.  Most importantly the user adoption rate of the chosen ELN and/or LIMS was very high due to the comprehensive nature of the selection process.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do. When you entrust us to collaborate with you to select your ELN and/or LIMS solution, excellence is guaranteed as we build it into the entire selection process.

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