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Laboratory and Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy

A laboratory’s main product is data. Data generated in the laboratory is often combined with other data, interpreted and then translated into information that is usable to the researcher or organization. The derived information can then be used to drive both scientific and business decisions. Data in a laboratory is often spread across a great number of data management systems (LIMS, ELN, SDMS, etc.), instrumentation and instrument control software (CDS, MS, Spectrometers, etc.), and other systems (MRP, ERP, Process Control, etc.). Therefore combining data from multiple different systems can be a real challenge. Understanding and documenting the databases, underlying data structures, and even the metadata definitions is critical.

There are many questions that need to be answered and choices to be made when determining how you will manage and combine your laboratory and scientific data into useful information. The first step is to determine all the data sources, structures, and metadata. A myriad of other questions need to be addressed as well such as:

  • Will you move or copy all of your data into a Data Warehouse? Is this even feasible?
  • Will you instead use a series of table joins to combine data? Is this possible?
  • What about your image data?
  • How will large terabyte plus Next Generation Sequencing data sets be managed and combined with other data?

How We Help You Develop Your Lab and Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy

CSols has been working in the laboratory automation and informatics arena for over a decade accumulating over 200 man years of experience.  We have worked with virtually every type of data structure and database, both scientific and business oriented, and have used a myriad of tools to access, report, and analyze data.  When you engage with CSols to develop your Laboratory & Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy, you will leverage all this experience plus our domain, and IT expertise to drive your success.  We will work with you to get the answers to your data-related questions so you can make the choices that are best suited to meet your information goals.


  • “As Is” workflow process map
  • “To Be” workflow process map
  • Current and planned laboratory informatics systems data maps
  • Scientific and Lab Data Asset Strategy and Plan

Benefits From CSols Lab & Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy Services

Customers who have worked with CSols to develop their Laboratory & Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy have been able to successfully utilize advanced reporting, analytics, and visualization tools. This ability has not only greatly enhanced their ability to obtain valuable information from laboratory data to drive scientific and business decisions but has also advanced science itself! Linkages between disparate data sets have been discovered and scientific pathways that were not previously considered have been exposed and explored.

At CSols, Delivering Excellence is applied to all that we do. When we work with you to create your Laboratory & Scientific Data Asset Management Strategy, your ability to derive information and make decisions from your data will become excellent. Your discovery efforts will be enhanced and your overall efficiency and effectiveness will improve.

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