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Round table Discussions - CSols Inc.CSols has recognized the need for a neutral forum where industry thought leaders could come together to discuss issues and challenges that impact their daily work life. To meet this need, CSols has created an online Round Table Discussion. These round table discussions will focus on laboratory informatics and how they are, or can be, leveraged to solve many of these issues and challenges in your environment. This is an interactive forum, so please come with the willingness to participate and share your thoughts and experiences. Identities will remain anonymous, except for the use of first names. Topics are pre-selected based upon requests received.

The next Round Table Discussion:

Month-Day-Year – You Pick the next Topic!

The CSols Team invites you to submit a subject to be featured in our next Round Table Discussion.

Technology is constantly changing, therefore, presenting us with new tasks, struggles, and questions. Whether it involves software, processes, instruments, integration, or something else, this RTD allows you to reach out to your community and receive feedback.

Examples of topics could be:

  • What has changed for you?
  • Is there a New Technology introduced in the market place?
  • Do you have questions about a particular LIMS product?
  • Are you curious whether a certain LIMS will work better for your industry?
  • Did you have a positive experience with your LIMS or ELN and want to share?
  • Have a question surrounding the Laboratory Informatics Industry that your peers can shed light on?
  • Are you curious how someone else is utilizing an instrument?
  • Confused whether LIMS or ELN is the solution for you?

The objective of the round table discussions is to discuss the topic, address it’s history, and share knowledge and/or experience within the Life Sciences community.

To submit a topic for the next Round Table Discussion, email us at: Please include the topic of your title, a brief explanation, and your contact info.

Please provide the following information for verification purposes only. Your information will not be shared.