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Here you will find a variety of resources to meet your specific needs including useful informatics reference material and complementary live and recorded presentations.

LIMSFinder is a directory of LIMS and Laboratory Informatics Software Solutions. LIMSfinder is intended to address the laboratory software market’s need for an effective, informative, and easy to use information resource center.

The LIMS/Letter is a newsletter that highlights Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) issues in particular and laboratory data management topics in general.

The LIMS Mailing List is a forum for discussing any LIMS-related question and where you can receive educated opinions from industry users and professionals from all over the globe.

The LIMSnetwork is a global LIMS community network that is dedicated to LIMS professionals and devoted to LIMS.

Technology Networks
The new home for LIMSource. A website created to share information surrounding the Life Science and Drug Discovery Community.

Scientific Computing
Scientific Computing provides focused coverage of computer technology for the scientific community, featuring technical software, computer systems and related hardware, as well as the latest applications and techniques that can aid in advancing scientific research.

Labcompliance, recommended global on-line resource for validation and compliance.
This single source keeps you up-to-date with ever changing regulations and guidelines.

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