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As the Laboratory Informatics landscape changes and evolves, so too should the way you plan for and implement your lab software and instrument systems (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, CDS, etc.).  Knowing how to plan for the project, select the right solution, calculate your return on investment, manage the project, attain user adoption, manage risk, and so on, will be critical to your success.

For this reason, CSols seeks to inform and educate the lab informatics user community on a variety of topics at conferences and expos. Our goal is to keep you abreast of new information and trends as well as share any tips or lessons learned we have garnered through our vast experience.  Though the shows have passed, the talks and the information they contain are still pertinent and valuable, and therefore, available for your viewing pleasure and edification.

Click the links below to view the presentation(s) that interest you.


21 CFR Part 11 – 20 Years Later

Fully Integrated Informatics Solution – Single Vendor vs. “Best of Breed”

How Much Does a LIMS Cost? Licensing and Beyond…

Is SAP the Only System that you Need for Your QC Laboratory?

Keeping your SDMS Fine-Tuned and User-Friendly

Laboratory Informatics, Data Integrity, and You

Is Pharma Ready for the Cloud

LIMS Project Success through Proper Project Governance and Communication

Multiple Research Platforms: One Single Data Sharing Portal

Pay Now or Later: Creating Solid System Application User Requirments

Planning for Laboratory Software Implementations: Often-Overlooked Considerations

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