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Upgrade and Enhancement of Clarity LIMS


BiotechnologyA San Francisco-based technology company that performs genomic analysis on cancer tissue samples was seeking to increase their genomics testing lab’s throughput, efficiency, and degree of automation. Although they had made great strides in attaining these goals with their initial implementation of Clarity LIMS, it was believed that additional steps needed to be taken. The organization determined that in order to fully attain their goals that they would need to upgrade their Clarity LIMS to the latest version, thereby gaining access to additional functions and features that they could use to streamline their operations and processes.

Additionally, they needed to automate their latest assay in Clarity LIMS which would require the development and implementation of new workflows. Lastly, the organization would implement and integrate a new barcode generation system (BarTender) to make fuller use of the time savings that barcode technology provides. CSols, Inc., a GenoLogics Partner, was engaged to provide Clarity Upgrade, Development, and Implementation Services based on our Clarity LIMS expertise, as well as our domain, technology, and regulatory knowledge set.

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