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Validation of Orchard Copia for Lab/EHR Integration in a Genomic Clinical Lab


A genomic/clinical testing company offering best-in-class laboratory testing services was using an EHR (Electronic Health Record) integration system, Orchard® Copia® (Copia), with great success. It was critical for the company that Copia operate optimally in order to maintain customer satisfaction and confidence in its services.

It was found that the current version of Copia had some issues and shortcomings.  Because of this, the company decided to upgrade to a more robust version of Copia to take advantage of several bug fixes and enhancements. Their attempts to upgrade were hindered by hardware issues and a lack of internal personnel resources.  After conquering the required hardware upgrade, the company began Copia software upgrade testing.  Unfortunately, several critical bugs impeded their ability to complete the testing, postponing the upgrade for almost a year.  This frustrated the company, took valuable personnel away from their regular duties, and delayed the use of the latest version of Copia and all the advantages and benefits it would bring.

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