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LabWare LIMS Enhancements and Deployment at a Biopharmaceutical


BiopharmaceuticalA leading biopharmaceutical company had standardized on the LabWare LIMS system to support its manufacturing operations. The client, utilizing both internal resources and external consultants, had developed a core LIMS and deployed components of the core LIMS at the majority of their manufacturing sites. Not all of the functional components of the core LIMS (e.g., Stability, Environmental Monitoring, Sample Management, etc.) had been deployed at each site. For example, at the large molecule manufacturing site only Environmental Monitoring had been deployed while all other functions were paper based. In addition, quality audits had revealed some potential compliance issues associated with sample tracking with respect to chain of custody and sample location.

The existing LIMS team, being both responsible for the development of the next generation of LabWare LIMS and on-going support of the existing LIMS, was over extended and needed…

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