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Over the past 15 years CSols has been in business, we’ve absorbed an abundance of information and experience, and we’re excited to share this knowledge with you through our monthly webinars. Topics range from hot topics to how-to’s in the laboratory informatics industry. Below is a compilation of our past webinars over the years.  Please enjoy.

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2017-12-06 Defining the Value of Integrating Instruments/CSols and LabVantage Joint Partner Webinar
2017-10-18 LIMS/ELN/LES: Uses, Overlaps, & Benefits
2017-09-20 LIMS Renewal: Upgrade or Buy New?
2017-08-23 ELN Implementations – Why they Fail to Realize their Full Potential
2017-07-19 Getting to Phase 2 of Your LIMS Project
2017-05-17 Is Your Lab Ready to Comply with Data Integrity?
2017-04-09 LIMS Myths and Legends – Busted!
2017-03-22 Laboratory Information Management, the Cloud, and You
2017-02-15 Integrating STARLIMS™ with the Enterprise
2017-01-18 Get the Most from your LabWare LIMS™ Solution
2016-11-16 Improving the Flexibility and Efficiency of STARLIMS™ Reporting
2016-10-19 “Oh The Places You’ll Go” – The Future of Lab Informatics
2016-09-28 It’s all about Data… Integrity that is!
2016-08-31 Maximizing LabVantage LIMS Value and Minimizing Implementation Risks
2016-07-20 How Much Does a LIMS Cost? Licensing and Beyond…
2016-06-22 SAP and LIMS – Living Together (in Harmony)
2016-05-18 Understanding LabWare Reporting Capabilities
2016-04-20 Optimizing your Waters Empower™ 3 CDS Validation
2016-03-24 Cahier de Laboratoire Électronique (ELN) Phase II: Élargir l’utilisation
2016-03-23 ELN Phase 2: Broadening the Utilization of Your R&D ELN
2016-02-24 Managing Multi-Sourced Lab Informatics Teams
2016-01-20 Getting the Most from your Waters Empower 3 Upgrade
2015-10-21 Integrated Informatics Solution: Single Vendor vs Best of Breed
2015-09-30 The Integrated Lab: Why Holistic Thinking is Critical to your Strategic Planning
2015-08-19 Overcoming Informatics Validation Challenges through Proper Planning
2015-07-22 Extending & Enhancing GenoLogics Clarity LIMS
2015-06-17 SAP QM or LIMS – which is right for your lab?
2015-05-20 CSV – MORE than Writing Test Scripts
2015-04-22 Deployment Strategies for Realizing True Business Benefits
2015-03-25 Maximize your STARLIMS™ Investment
2015-02-18 You’re Paperless, Now What? Get the most value from your R&D ELN Implementation
2014-10-22 Tips ‘n’ tricks for a Successful IDBS E-Workbook Implementation
2014-09-24 Time to revisit your Laboratory Informatics Strategy
2014-08-20 Avoiding Bottlenecks when Validating your Laboratory Instrument and Information Systems
2014-07-16 Get the Most from your SampleManager LIMS™
2014-06-18 The Paperless Lab – A Practical Approach
2014-05-21 Making Sure Your Project Manager has the “Right Stuff”
2014-04-23 Forensic Labs – A Strong Case for LIMS
2014-03-19 The Rise of Mobile Devices in the Lab & Beyond
2014-02-19 Lab Systems Validation – Special Requirements
2013-11-20 Lab Informatics & FSMA Compliance
2013-10-16 Extending LabWare LIMS beyond the Lab with Simplica (Joint Partner Webinar)
2013-09-25 Delivering a Successful Laboratory Informatics Project-2
2013-08-21 Apples to Apples – Selecting the Right Informatics Solution
2013-07-17 Realizing the Business Benefits of your LIMS Implementation-2
2013-06-19 Heads for LIMS – Tails for ELN-2
2013-05-22 Managing Change – Ensuring Lab Informatics Solution Adoption
2013-03-27 Data Migration: Moving Your Data to a Better Place
2013-03-06 Batteries Not Included – Looking Beyond the Informatics Quote
2013-01-23 Validation – Friend or Foe?
2012-10-17 Mission…Possible! How to Measure the Validation Effort of your Project
2012-09-19 Time for a New LIMS
2012-07-18 Delivering a Successful Laboratory Informatics Project-1
2012-06-06 Heads for LIMS – Tails for ELN-1
2012-04-18 Game Over or Project Reset: Rescuing your Failed Implementation
2012-03-21 Realizing the Business Benefits of your LIMS Implementation-1
2012-02-22 Take the Creep out of your Scope
2012-01-25 Making Risk Assessment Work – What’s the Fuss About?
2011-11-16 Tips and Tricks for SampleManager LIMS™ Users (Joint Partner Webinar)
2011-09-17 Batteries Not Included – Looking Beyond the Informatics Quote
2011-08-17 STARLIMS ELN – Under the Hood (Joint Partner Webinar)
2011-07-21 Apples to Apples – Selecting the Right Informatics Solution
2011-06-15 I have a LIMS, Now What?
2011-05-25 The Auditors are Coming! Run and Hide or Stand and Defend?
2011-04-20 Validating Integrated Systems with LIMS
2011-03-23 Leaner, Greener, More Compliant
2011-02-16 I have a LIMS – Why do I need an ELN?
2010-10-20 Accelerating Lot Release through Execution Excellence
2010-09-22 Improve Lab Performance, Enhance Your LIMS
2010-08-25 Smart Instrument Interfacing
2010-07-21 OQ and PQ – Horror or Pathway to Validation Zen
2010-05-19 Leveraging Various Tools & Strategies for LIMS Validation Projects
2010-04-21 What Happened to Phase II

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