Top 10 Benefits for taking a Pittcon 2015 Short Course

pittcon-short-course-benefitsVisiting Pittcon in New Orleans during the month of March sounds like a great idea, right! – especially if you’re located in a chilly winter location that time of year! And did you know that signing up for a laboratory informatics Short Course is one of the best ways to get approval from your boss to attend? Pittcon offers a variety of short courses, many that address topics about LIMS, ELN, and the laboratory in general. How can they say “no” to formal training from professionals in the field who have firsthand experience?

CSols Inc. has been teaching short courses at Pittcon for almost 10 years.  We’ve collected feedback from the attendees and we would like to share them with you.

10 Benefits for taking a Pittcon 2015 Short Course

  1. Receive classroom style training by field experts in a professional setting
  2. The format allows attendees to engage in dialog with the teacher and other registrants
  3. Get real time answers, face-to-face with the instructor, with the opportunity to follow-up
  4. Hands-On participation with breakout sessions, exercises, and demos
  5. You’re not just hearing how to do something, you’re acting out real life scenarios and making the decisions
  6. Hear ‘lessons learned’ of what works and doesn’t work, from people in the same position as you
  7. The short course committee selects top notch topics – you’ll receive only the highest caliber of information
  8. Take home notes and materials are provided for reference after the conference is over
  9. You can register for as many short courses that you’d like!
  10. Where else will you have 4-8 hours of time to pick the brain of your instructor

These are great talking points to present to your manager to support your participation at a Pittcon short course.

While you’re at Pittcon in between Short Courses, make sure to stop into a Conferee Networking Session or Oral Presentation. They are free to all and don’t require any reservations. A few that we recommend are:

Pittcon Conferee Networking Sessions

  1. Cracking the Code: What it takes to be a LIMS Consultant
  2. Choosing the Best Laboratory Improvement Project
  3. Does your ERP solution replace LIMS?

Pittcon Technical Presentations

  1. Computer System Validation – Lessons Learned
  2. Ensuring that your Informatics Solution is Embraced by your Organization
  3. Do we still need ELNs?

Is there a Pittcon Short Course you’ve taken in prior years that you would recommend to others? If so, please share it in the comments section of this blog.

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