How the STARLIMS™ SDMS Can Benefit Your Lab


Abbott Informatics provides their Integrated Solution to meet the needs of laboratories and organizations as a whole. The STARLIMS SDMS (scientific data management system) is one of those solutions to help lab analysts collect and manage electronic documents, while keeping the data in an easily extractable form. The STARLIMS SDMS can be useful to analytical… Read More

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2020 Insights from Lab Informatics Professionals

Lab Informatics Insights 2020

It’s typical for a service provider to stay up-to-date with industry happenings and to continually learn about their potential clients’ ever-changing needs. There are programs and measures in place to calculate and monitor these needs. At CSols, we developed a set of polls and quizzes to identify industry trends and collect feedback from those whom… Read More

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Laboratory Informatics Pandemic Thanksgiving

Lab Informatics Pandemic Thanksgiving

In the midst of a global pandemic that is straining the world’s medical systems, researchers, and providers like nothing before in our lifetimes, it can be hard to remember to pause, take stock, and express gratitude where we can. The pandemic has brought some good as a result of the bad. For instance, it has… Read More

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