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Twice a week, we sit down and ask ourselves, “What do you want to hear about”. Our goal is to select blog topics that answer questions you may have or on subjects we believe you might need more information about. We made a conscience effort to choose topics that span the laboratory informatics solution lifecycle and we had a blast doing it, especially when tackling the controversial topics. With the CSols blog “Informatics Insider” you never knew what you were going to get – a high level view or an in-depth, technical analysis, a serious tone or a jovial, tongue-in-cheek romp. We like to keep things interesting and mix it up.

In 2015, we stepped up our game by bringing you 2 blogs per month, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, and you responded enthusiastically with your comments on the blog page and in LinkedIn groups. We can see how much you like a topic by your shares on LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter. And from that data, we are pleased to announce the top 5 CSols blogs of 2015.

How to Choose a LIMS Consultant

How to Choose a LIMS Consultant - Best Blogs 2015Step One – get help from someone who actually knows about this stuff!  Sounds easy, but it can be trickier than you think. In this blog, we wanted to give you a list of skill sets to look for in each of your candidates. It’s not enough to meet just one or two of the qualifications.

LIMS Project – Letter to Self

Lessons Learned LIMS Implementation - Best Blogs 2015What’s great about this blog is, it can be applied to any type of informatics project: LIMS, ELN, CDS, etc. for a new implementation, an upgrade, migration to a different product, and validation, and for any environment. It’s a must read for anyone involved with Laboratory Informatics.

Top 5 LIMS and LIMS Consulting Myths – Busted!

LIMS Myths LIMS Consultant Myths - Best Blogs 2015In our industry, we kept hearing the same misinformed statements over and over again and it killed us to think that people out there actually believed them. So we set the record straight by addressing the top 5 LIMS and LIMS consulting myths in this blog. We dare you to tell us we’re wrong!

ELN Crossroads

ELN Crossroad - Best Blogs 2015We think it’s great when companies take a step towards the paperless lab by implementing an ELN, but couldn’t believe the number of projects that just implemented it in a very generic, bare bones way. This happened for a number of reasons and we just couldn’t stand by any longer.  So in this Blog, we address how to move forward and in which direction you should go to get the most out of your ELN.

Customized LIMS – The Black Sheep of LIMS

LIMS Customization - Black Sheep - Best Blogs 2015When on LIMS projects, we noticed the face twitches when the best way to satisfy a requirement was for LIMS customization. But we wondered if people really knew why they didn’t like customization or were even aware that the “bad” way that customization was done in the past could be avoided.  So we wanted to offer a different perspective in this Blog, and if you still feel differently after reading it, tell us why.

We hope you enjoyed our 2015 blog review. If you liked one of our other blogs better and think it should have been on this list, tell us which one.

The best compliment we can receive about our blogs is to read your comments about the topics we selected and the material we’ve shared.  We hope that you continue to read our blogs and make comments in 2016.  Whether they are through LinkedIn groups or our Informatics Insider blog, we know we’ve picked a good topic when you take the time to share your thoughts and share the blog through social media.  We enjoyed putting together this information for our readers and look forward to writing more.

What would you like to read about in 2016?

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