LIMS Training – A Critical Ingredient for Success

Everyone knows that in order to have a successful LIMS implementation including a high solution adoption and utilization rate, a critical ingredient in your success recipe is ensuring that all the stakeholders are trained on the new solution.  This includes the administrators, lab personnel, managers, and any others in your organization that will be utilizing… Read More

Without Adoption There is No Success! – Part 2

Is your LIMS project truly a success even if it was on-time, within budget and met the requirements if no one ends up using it?  The answer is an emphatic NO!  If the laboratory personnel and managers have not adopted the new LIMS and are not fully utilizing it, then the project was actually a… Read More

Without Adoption There is No Success! – Part 1

You hear it all the time, “The LIMS implementation project was a success!  It was on-time, within budget, and met the requirements.”  However, when you go back to the lab a month or so later and check with the scientists, technicians, and managers you find out that no one is using the new LIMS.  They… Read More