STARLIMS™ Customizations – 3 Ways to Be Successful

In the world of so many cool applications, features and functionalities, “Jailbreaking” has become a standard practice for opening up possibilities in our electronics.  Popular techniques are available for adding apps to Apple IOS and Android devices as well as media through Kodi in our Amazon Fire devices.  While this process can give us what… Read More

Customized LIMS – The “Black Sheep” of LIMS

Every time the subject of a customized LIMS or the customization of a LIMS comes up, the guardians and pundits of Industry Best Practices come out of the woodwork to chime in on the topic.  Heads are shaken and fingers are pointed.  Dark clouds start to gather overhead and horror stories are made ready.  The… Read More

Software Customization vs. Configuration

This is an age-old question right behind “Which came first: The chicken or the egg?” Ok maybe not, but it is one of the most asked questions within Laboratory Informatics. Customization requires a developer to make changes to code whereas configuration is changing settings – even when they are very in depth. Many solutions offer… Read More