What Should Be Integrated with a LIMS?

What Should Integrate with a LIMS

When you implement a laboratory information management system (LIMS), you’ll have to plan for what you will integrate with your LIMS and when you will do it. Understanding the potential benefits or difficulties of integrations will help the implementation team do this planning. In today’s informatics and data-sharing environment, it’s true that almost any system… Read More

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Interfacing Forgotten Analytical Instruments

Guest Blog: "Interfacing Forgotten Analytical Instruments"

Interfacing analytical instruments to informatics solutions is a prerequisite for efficient and effective regulated Quality Control laboratories and to eliminate paper in any laboratory. The main instruments interfaced are typically chromatographs via a chromatography data system and analytical balances via a LIMS, ELN, or instrument data system. However, there are many other types of analytical… Read More

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Ask the Consultants: Instrument Integration Advice

It is well established within the laboratory informatics community that integrating your lab instruments to your LIMS is an industry best practice.  The benefits one can realize through instrument integration include: Improving lab and technician efficiency Reducing sample turnaround time, increasing sample throughput Increasing researcher effectiveness (do more science) Increasing data quality through the elimination… Read More

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Systems and Instrument Interfacing with LIMS: It Can’t Wait!

In the Laboratory Informatics (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, etc.) universe, the value of interfacing and/or integrating lab instruments, lab data systems, business systems, and other enterprise information systems (i.e. ERP, MES, etc.) to your LIMS has been well known and documented.  These types of LIMS integration capabilities, and the information and knowledge that can be… Read More

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Why You Should Interface Your Instruments to LIMS

It’s always a shock when reviewing the results of LIMS surveys that ask whether the lab instruments have been interfaced with the LIMS.  One would expect that practically all LIMS implementations would have interfaced the instruments, right?  Well, it turns out that a large percentage of LIMS implementations have not interfaced the lab instruments with… Read More

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