Ask the Consultants: Instrument Integration Advice

It is well established within the laboratory informatics community that integrating your lab instruments to your LIMS is an industry best practice.  The benefits one can realize through instrument integration include: Improving lab and technician efficiency Reducing sample turnaround time, increasing sample throughput Increasing researcher effectiveness (do more science) Increasing data quality through the elimination… Read More

Why You Should Interface Your Instruments to LIMS

It’s always a shock when reviewing the results of LIMS surveys that ask whether the lab instruments have been interfaced to the LIMS.  One would expect that practically all LIMS implementations would have interfaced the instruments, right?  Well it turns out that a large percentage of LIMS implementations have not interfaced the lab instruments to… Read More

The Key to Interfacing Lab Instruments to LIMS or ELN

Is there a space-time anomaly in the instrument interfacing world?  If you were to do a Google search on Interfacing Lab Instruments to LIMS or ELN you would find fascinating, inspiring, and thoughtful articles and several product advertisements. The issues and challenges in interfacing lab instruments to LIMS (and now ELNs), however, appear to be… Read More