How Much Does a LIMS Cost?

Blog: How Much Does a LIMS Cost

Any organization that’s thinking about implementing a LIMS in their lab wants to know “How much does a LIMS cost?” This is a very good question. Coming up with an answer is more complicated than you might realize, and depends on what the best LIMS is for your situation. We have broken down the costs… Read More

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The Benefits of Implementing a LIMS – Beyond ROI

Opinions expressed by CSols Inc. contributors are their own. Over the past 20+ years, I have implemented numerous laboratory information management systems (LIMS) from multiple vendors, always as a customer. One of the earliest lessons I learned is that return on investment (ROI) is NOT a benefit of a LIMS. I start with this because… Read More

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What Is the Value of a LIMS?

LIMS Elephant Cloud

People have been asking, “What is a LIMS?,” practically since LIMS was invented. (We’ve asked it ourselves!) In 1998, Dr. Alan McLelland of the Institute of Biochemistry, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, penned his famous—at least in informatics circles—essay offering four viewpoints on this question; those of the analytical staff, the laboratory manager, the IT group, and… Read More

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5 Things to Document When Justifying a LIMS or ELN

5 Things to Document When Justifying a LIMS or ELN blog

As clients go through the process of getting approval for laboratory informatics purchases, CSols experts often field questions like, “How much does a LIMS cost?” or “Is an ELN worth the investment?” or “What is the ROI for LIMS?” The answer to these questions will change for every client based on their business goals and… Read More

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