Where to Start When Consolidating LIMS Technologies

Blog LIMS Consolidation

If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve already reached the conclusion that you need to simplify your informatics footprint. We know that maintenance of the different systems and instances can grow out of control and be a logistical nightmare. Not to mention the siloed information within those systems that hold your organization back from making… Read More

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Building a Strong Foundation for the LabVantage ELN


Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) systems have revolutionized the way that laboratories record, organize, and access experiment data. In moving away from paper lab notebooks, the LabVantage ELN module offers a more secure, organized, and legible way of accessing and analyzing data. However, to fully grasp the benefits of the ELN module, it is essential to… Read More

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The LIMS Project Scope: More Is Better

Blog LIMS Project Scope Creep

A common difficulty in completing a LIMS implementation project on time and on a budget is scope creep. Avoiding scope creep is every project manager’s dream, although it is close to impossible unless the initial scope is given the appropriate amount of care. Assigning a dedicated project manager can help, because the project manager commits… Read More

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