LIMS Upgrade Project – Letter to Self

Dear Me, It has been a long road but the LIMS upgrade is finally complete, up and running, and validated.  As I look back on this journey, I wish that I knew then what I know now.  This project would have gone so much quicker and easier if we had taken the time to reflect… Read More

Can Upgrading to LabWare 7 Solve Life’s Problems?

Is your LabWare implementation giving you headaches? Upgrading to LabWare 7 is a great opportunity to take advantage of a trove of new features and evaluate what LIMS can do for your lab. Do any of these problems sound familiar to you? Where’s my data? This is too complicated! Do you have trouble visualizing what… Read More

LIMS Upgrade: Love It or Leave It

It is not unusual that organizations will decide to upgrade their LIMS to the latest version without fully exploring their options.  The reasons that this commonly occurs includes the beliefs that upgrading will be easier, less time consuming, and less expensive than implementing a completely new LIMS.  While this may be true in many cases,… Read More