A pioneer of biotechnology research and diagnostic products and services wanted to upgrade an older version of Genologics’ BaseSpace Clarity LIMS. Concurrent with the LIMS upgrade, the client wanted to automate a newly developed assay. During needs analysis, the LIMS team identified Clarity LIMS development tasks necessary to realize the desired enhancements, extensions, and interfaces (instruments and systems). The team selected Clarity LIMS Rapid Scripting Application Programming Interface (API) as the development tool and engaged CSols Inc., a Clarity Certified Application Development (CCAD) partner, to perform the development.


Taking advantage of new features and automating a newly developed assay were the primary goals of the Clarity LIMS upgrade project. The client aimed to increase throughput and decrease errors via plate handling automation, expanded instrument interfaces, and automated report generation.


  1. Logic definition: to automate plate handling and sample generation a robust set of checks and balances needed to be clearly defined for multiple plate types and then captured via the API.
  2. Customized interfaces: some of the out-of-the-box next-generation sequencing (NGS) instrument interfaces did not meet the client’s exact needs. Tailoring and extension of these interfaces via the API were required to support the project’s quality and efficiency goals.

CSols’s Role in the Solution

CSols provided Clarity LIMS, Rapid Scripting API, genomics laboratory, and instrument interfacing expertise in the form of a senior Clarity LIMS analyst to support the project and make it a success.  Especially in the case of the interfacing challenges, CSols’s expert knowledge of Clarity LIMS and the API was critical in overcoming these obstacles and meeting project goals.  This effort included the following key tasks and deliverables:

  • Automated plate handling, plate mapping, and plate quality control processes
  • Integrated NGS instruments, spectrophotometers, qPCR equipment, and robotics via enhanced LIMS interfaces
  • Automated spectrophotometer and NGS reports


  • CSols’s expertise with the Clarity LIMS API supported increased usability, functionality, quality, and productivity with the upgraded LIMS
  • Increased automation and integration improved laboratory efficiency and throughput
  • Tailoring LIMS functionality to meet client needs resulted in a high end-user adoption and utilization rate

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