Environmental Monitoring Heatmap

Below is an interactive heatmap created in RStudio using R statistical programming language and several libraries. In the pharmaceutical industry, creating annual statistical reports can be a pain point. It often falls to the technical experts (i.e., microbiologists) to create them, and the only trending tools available are often basic spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel). This can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive when you take into account all other tasks technical experts should be working on (e.g. routine sampling, production deviations, etc.). 

Creating an interactive visual similar to this would be a compelling tool for any manufacturing facility to show control of an environmental monitoring program. Imagine having access to a real-time interactive tool like this anywhere on site. 

NOTE: This represents a simple mock-up with 165 data points (spread amongst 5 gram(-) bacteria, 5 gram(+) bacteria, and 5 molds throughout 11 hypothetical production rooms). The data would only become more compelling with a robust catalog of historical bacteria and molds, more production rooms/departments, and attributes.

The diagram below illustrates how the tool would be used to display real-time data in production.