Other Industries

Regardless of industry, the modern business faces challenges from many fronts: meeting demand in the most cost-effective manner; complying with all environmental, health, and safety regulations and requirements; realizing synergy goals during mergers and acquisitions; gaining competitive advantages through technological innovation; and increasing productivity and efficiency while maintaining quality.

Informatics solutions can play a major role in enabling any company to meet these challenges, and CSols has extensive experience meeting the laboratory informatics and data analytics needs from clients from all industries.

Industry: Chemical/Petrochemical

CSols experts have extensive experience with chemical and petrochemical clients and understand how to select and implement laboratory informatics tools that address the resource and data integrity challenges specific to the industry. We help chemical and petrochemical operators incorporate data analytics for better decision making while driving lean lab processes and ensuring projects run on time and within budget.

Consumer Products

Global consumer products firms trust CSols with the data that runs their labs and drives their quality control efforts. These labs often have a complicated mix of efficiency and regulatory challenges and need a laboratory informatics solution that strikes the right balance to maximize value in their labs. CSols consultants have experience with the selection, implementation, configuration, and validation of the LIMS and ELN systems that bring value to some of the world’s largest consumer products manufacturers. This knowledge is accompanied by the ability to turn data analytics into actionable tactics.

Contract Testing Lab

Contract labs compete in a challenging marketplace to produce the most accurate test results with the quickest turnaround and the lowest price for a large variety of test methods. CSols understands the unique interface between the off-site clinics and the lab and how to best manage compliance audit program (CAP), compliance while reporting high-quality results quickly, using complex data analytics.


CSols consultants have a broad range of experience in manufacturing and understand how applying laboratory informatics to contract manufacturing organizations can reduce laboratory costs. We have broad knowledge and hands-on contract lab experience in GLP and non-GLP settings, as well as the systems for manufacturing and quality management that interface with them. Our data analytics team can help contract labs optimize workflows and processes.

Industry: Energy

Organizations in the Energy industry know the struggles of maintaining data integrity with limited budgets and resources. Our unique combination of energy sector experience and lab informatics expertise has supported numerous LIMS, ELN, LES, and CDS projects, resulting in lower operating costs, better laboratory practices, and data analytics-based efficiency improvements for laboratories across this industry.

Industry: Environmental

From sample management to data analytics reporting, environmental laboratories have a specific set of requirements for their lab informatics tools, but there are an overwhelming number of LIMS on today’s market that claim to be perfect for the water or environmental lab. CSols experts have experience with both the needs of an environmental laboratory and the products that work best in both the government and private sectors.

Food and Beverage

Market demands, new regulatory requirements, and increasing supply chain pressure mean that food and beverage businesses need to leverage every available tool to stay ahead of the game. CSols has experience supporting both R&D and QC labs at food and beverage clients through the informatics planning and implementation process. CSols has helped food and beverage clients harmonize and optimize lab processes, more easily prove regulatory compliance, integrate enterprise systems, leverage data analytics, and accelerate R&D processes with a range of laboratory informatics tools.

Industry: Forensic

The pressure to produce fast, accurate, and high-quality data is unrelenting for modern forensics labs. Well-implemented laboratory informatics tools help improve chain of custody, support scientists in the field, and provide faster turnaround times. CSols has extensive experience with applying these tools to support crime labs’ informatics initiatives with improved data analytics and understands the science behind the forensic results.

Industry: Mining and Minerals

Today’s mining and mineral laboratories are seeing the value and cost savings that implementing a laboratory informatics system can bring. Test requests, analyses, methods management, and results reporting are work streams commonly supported by LIMS and LES. CSols’s experience with these systems can help mining and minerals operations increase efficiency and lower costs through greater use of data analytics.

Industry: Oil/Gas

Oil and gas laboratory testing can be complex and require hundreds of data points to produce one result. This type of laboratory presents a unique challenge to an informatics solution, especially when interfaces to enterprise and process systems are required. CSols has helped multinational oil and gas companies select, manage, and implement LIMS with centralized data analytics and can bring this vast experience to your project as well.

Industry: Specialty Materials

CSols experts have extensive experience with Specialty Materials clients. We understand how to select and implement laboratory informatics tools that address the resource and data integrity challenges specific to the industry with integrated data analytics—while making sure lab processes are lean and ASTM compliant and ensuring that projects run on time and within budget.