Right First Time LIMS Implementations: The Importance of Pre-planning

So you have developed your user requirements, selected your LIMS product, and secured your project funding – now what? A critical step that is frequently overlooked is detailed pre-planning for your LIMS project. Only with meticulous pre-planning can you expect to deliver your LIMS implementation right, the first time.

In one hour, learn what pre-planning entails, along with the skills and experience required to accomplish it.  This includes how organizational readiness plays into the phasing of your project, as well as how to get users what they need when they need it. When executed properly, LIMS implementation pre-planning leads to early buy-in from all stakeholders, reduces project re-work, provides faster completion cycles, and maximizes end-user adoption.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Discover pre-planning importance and what it really means
  • Learn the skills required to lead the pre-planning phase
  • Hear how to engage the business so they truly understand user requirements
  • Understand the value of use cases
  • Learn about defining the change
  • Understand strategy and phasing of the implementation
  • See techniques of Organizational Change Management during an implementation

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