LabWare Implementation and Data Migration Performed for Analysts, Inc. by CSols

August 1, 2013

Analysts, Inc. says goodbye to their home-grown legacy LIMS and hello to the many benefits their Lab, IT, and Business operations will receive from their new LabWare LIMS.

Newark, DE–CSols Inc. a leader in Laboratory Informatics industry, announces the successful completion of a Data Migration and LabWare LIMS implementation for Analysts, Inc., an oil testing analysis laboratory. To make the transition from one system to another, Analysts, Inc. contracted CSols to assist them with data migration, system configuration, instrument integration, and on-going support of the new LIMS.


To better support their laboratory operations as well as their customers’ data reporting requirements, Analysts, Inc. decided to move from their home grown legacy LIMS to LabWare LIMS v6. They wanted to develop a powerful, user friendly, web based User Interface to support their 5 key laboratories located throughout the US.  This new LIMS would be hosted in the cloud and provide data viewing tools to their various customers.


CSols was able to assist Analysts, Inc. in overcoming various challenges listed below, by providing the expertise, planning, resources, and execution required to meet the client’s project objectives.

  • Migrating over 11 years of data that equaled over a quarter billion results
  • Aligning system data migration with development and customer driven go-lives
  • Implementing the system in the cloud & resolving performance issues
  • Instrument Interfacing to the cloud based system
  • Go-live without impacting lab operations and customer access to their data


CSols was able to develop and accomplish the migration and implement a considerable amount of custom configuration and coding (including templates, reports, customized modules, and functions emulating legacy functions) to the client’s satisfaction.

Benefits Received

  • Reduce capital expenditure and better backup and disaster recovery maintenance capabilities
  • Faster accessibility to test data, interpreting results, and distributing the information to their clients; improved efficiency and turnaround time from hours to minutes.
  • Analysts, Inc.’s internal customers will receive increased functionality to external clients, resulting in improved visibility and usability through the newly sophisticated web user interface.
  • Enhanced marketability to potential new customers due to the increase of new features.
  • Ability to implement on-going changes for both technical and business reasons due to the foresight and knowledge from CSols creating and saving code within the system. For example, Analyst Inc. can: expand to more sites, add new instruments, or migrate new client’s data effortlessly.

About CSols Inc.

CSols Inc. is the leading provider of informatics based strategic planning, implementation, and validation services. Their multidisciplinary team of Chemists, Information Technologists, and Regulatory Specialists deliver informatics solutions ensuring that maximum quality, compliance, and efficiency is achieved within your organization. As a truly independent firm, they provide their customers a high level of expertise and objective guidance while tailoring solutions to their specific needs. For more information about CSols, its services and solution, visit


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