Project Leadership Services

Translate your strategic plans into implemented realities with the support of CSols Project Leadership Services. Use the enhanced skills and real-world experience from the CSols Project Leadership team to improve your informatics systems’ outcomes in three major ways. 

Strategy Translation to Executable Projects

You have a long-term strategy. But how do you get from strategy to deployment? CSols can help you deliver results through one or more planned projects that minimize execution risks, enhance agility, improve end-user adoption, and give you tangible benefits sooner.

You can realize those benefits as we lead you through:

  • development of a phased implementation approach that creates value for the business in the shortest amount of time, and continues to add business value through each phase while minimizing overall project risk
  • determination of the “real costs” (it’s a lot more than is contained in the vendor quote) of the project and the roles required to successfully execute the project
  • assignment of resources, both internal and external, to the project roles
  • examination of real-world tradeoffs between budget, staff availability, business value, and project duration
  • creation of tactical project plans specifying tasks, durations, dependencies, resources
  • alignment of all stakeholders to the project objectives and vision, including cross-site management for more complex organizations
  • tight management of the vendor

Technical Project Management

Now that you have the tactical plans, it’s time to execute them. Below is what Project Leadership can do for your organization during an implementation.

  • Manage user requirements, design, testing, training, procedures, validation to regulatory requirements (where applicable), and implementation. These tasks are performed for you while communicating frequently with your laboratory and senior management. This way, you always know the status and can provide all the needed inputs to the project.
  • Projects are managed to defined schedules, quality, and cost targets. We will track and communicate any significant issues or changes to you in a timely manner for discussion and resolution.
  • Accommodate an Agile approach, a Waterfall approach, or a hybrid method according to your preference, due to our broad experience in project management.
  • Provide any combination of documents and plans to meet your exact needs:
  • Project Charter
  • Project Plan
  • Risk Analysis
  • Issue Tracking & Resolution
  • Resource Plan
  • Status Reports
  • Program Model
  • Governance Plan

Holistic Project Oversight

There’s more to a successful implementation than the technical solution. Human factors must also be addressed to ensure adoption of the system. Our project leaders have training and experience to see the complete project landscape, delivering additional value to your project – beyond near-term cost, quality, and time targets.

  • Interface to the organizational leadership or sponsor; and represent his/her needs to project teams and stakeholders
  • Maintain stakeholder alignment throughout project execution
  • Manage the organizational changes required for the adoption of the new technology
  • Identify high-performing staff with a strong aptitude to help your operation be the best it can be
  • Work alongside your staff to help recommend role changes that maximize system effectiveness
  • Recommend business process improvements
Our goal is to translate your strategic plans into realities through our real-world project leadership experience
Let’s talk to see how Project Leadership can benefit your organization