STARLIMS – the next generation!

Are you a Life Science or Clinical laboratory? Whether you are a new site or an existing installation that has been in production for years, you may not be getting everything out of your STARLIMS that you should!

As your laboratory needs change or evolve, it is wise to take a moment and evaluate your current situation and options. 

For example, you might want to implement features and capabilities within STARLIMS that may not have been used previously, were not available in an older version if you are going to upgrade, are now available as standard to replace custom code, or to support new laboratory processes, workflows, analyses or reporting requirements.  Perhaps you are on your second or third generation LIMS, used LIMS from another vendor, a custom solution, or perhaps have no LIMS at all. 

Some of the key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is my LIMS full of customizations that will make it challenging to upgrade?
  • Do we print out the results from our instruments and then type them into the LIMS?
  • Is there functionality that no one knows how to use, and are we missing out on the value we should be getting?
  • Which modules of STARLIMS should I be using?
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Below are the services CSols can provide for your STARLIMS project.

Configuration and Customization Services

We recognize that each lab has different needs for their STARLIMS implementation project. If it’s a brand new implementation, you may need an expert to lead the project, or perhaps you need experienced technical resources to implement new functionality with an existing one.

  • Project Leadership and Project Management
  • Configuration using the Designer
  • LIMS Customization using Jscript, SSL, HTML5 Converter and WebServices
  • Creating new reports (QBE, Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Advanced Analytics)
  • Data Migration from a  Legacy LIMS
  • STARLIMS ELN (Method Conversion)
  • Barcoding
  • End-user Training

System Integration Services

Worry less about transcription errors, data inconsistencies and mitigate future upgrade risks by integrating your STARLIMS system with other business solutions.  CSols’ experts can leverage STARLIMS add-ons and custom /configuration tools to bring value to your lab, now and in the future.

  • STARLIMS – interface with SAP
  • STARLIMS – Accessioning vie eManifest
  • STARLIMS Advanced Analytics
  • STARLIMS Mobile Apps (Sampler Ordering, Kit Collection)

Instrument Integration Services

You can scale your lab capacity with instrument integration. CSols can support all facets of instrument integration, from a basic balance interface to HL7 compliant instruments or using the instrument integration systems supported by STARLIMS.

  • STARLIMS DCI or Fusion
  • Capturing and linking raw data files / documents to LIMS results using SDMS
  • STARLIMS / Empower Interface
  • Data Innovations (instrument Manager)
Our goal is to be your partner, not just a services provider.
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