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How Much Does a LIMS Cost?

Blog: How Much Does a LIMS Cost

Any organization that’s thinking about implementing a LIMS in their lab wants to know “How much does a LIMS cost?” This is a very good question. Coming up with an answer is more complicated than you might realize, and depends on what the best LIMS is for your situation. We have broken down the costs… Read More

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How Do We Choose the Best LIMS Software?

Blog How to Choose a LIMS

The short answer to the question of how to choose the best laboratory information management system (LIMS) is the old standard, it depends. The longer answer is that the best LIMS is the one that most aligns with your business, your IT infrastructure, and the workflows of all stakeholders. When you know what you need… Read More

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Add Some Horsepower to Your Research with LabVantage ELN

LabVantage ELN

Research in commercial laboratories closely models the conventional Scientific Method: Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Experimentation, Conclusion, and Result. Each step requires careful consideration and planning. In most modern laboratories, scientists document and record content pertaining to each facet of the Scientific Method in personal lab notebooks. It’s important to ask; is that content readily accessible to… Read More

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