A full-service forensics laboratory organization providing services to multiple U.S. government departments requested implementation and configuration assistance for the STARLIMS Forensic vertical in laboratories across eight branches and 15 sub-divisions. As a result of having a strong history of working together, STARLIMS (now Abbott Informatics) chose CSols Inc. to support this large implementation for our expertise, quality, and attention to detail.


The forensics laboratory organization needed analyses and workflows configured to make the most of their STARLIMS implementation. They knew they had functionality that they weren’t currently using and wanted to streamline their various laboratories with the LIMS. This work involved the following tasks:

  • Configure multiple tests, methods, calculations, and workflows for each individual lab
  • Develop specification schemas
  • Resolve issues found with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System workflow
  • Configure existing reports to better use system data


The client faced several key challenges to their objectives:

  1. Analysts were using paper forms to document their results in all of the labs
  2. Most of the labs did not have predefined workflows
  3. Many of the forensic lab technicians were not familiar with using the system
  4. No detailed training was provided to the laboratory staff initially
  5. Minimal internal expertise to support the LIMS across so many laboratories

CSols’s Role in the Solution

  • The CSols consultant worked with forensic analysts and examiners to learn the client’s process flows
  • Provided an experienced method designer to configure complex test methods to optimize laboratory processes
  • CSols expert had the background to understand the calculations and program them into the system
  • The CSols consultant acted as a liaison between the client and the software manufacturer in to ensure that all functionality was


  • Reduced the use of paper forms for reception and data entry, standardizing sample processing from central receiving to laboratory testing and cutting costs for materials used and time
  • Streamlined laboratory workflows, improving overall laboratory efficiency
  • Reduced analyst administrative time, allowing for more testing to be completed
  • Improved metrics and tracking by establishing the LIMS as the single source of truth by centralizing all laboratory data
  • Created training documentation and provided hands-on training with analysts, making them more familiar with the system and gaining user support
  • Provided administrator training to improve in-house expertise to support the LIMS moving forward
  • CSols’s product expertise and partnership with the vendor provided an opportunity for information to translate easier between the client and the vendor, allowing more time to be used for further improvements

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