A global pharmaceutical company wanted to bring down its laboratory IT costs with upgraded infrastructure.  However, the new infrastructure configuration did not support their existing STARLIMS™ implementation.  The company decided to consolidate its IT data centers, move the STARLIMS system to the new data center, and upgrade and validate the new LIMS. Their IT team selected CSols Inc. to support the consolidation, upgrade, and validation initiative.


The overarching objective of the project was to reduce IT costs.  The client planned to improve STARLIMS system management efficiency and improve the end user experience with a version upgrade and subsequent validation.


  1. New application servers required for the virtual environment
  2. New database servers required for the virtual environment
  3. New disaster recovery environments and documentation sets not yet created
  4. New client software distribution scripts not yet developed to run STARLIMS prerequisites (i.e., Fonts, Crystal Report viewer)
  5. Multiple locations in multiple time zones
  6. Multiple runtime upgrade issues due to non-compatible service software versions

CSols’s Role in the Solution

  • Confirm infrastructure selection for all environments
  • Support development and review of new review the disaster recovery plan
  • Install and configure IIS, .Net FrameWork in all environments
  • Install and configure STARLIMS applications and services in all environments
  • Upgrade the runtime version
  • Develop installation qualification scripts
  • Execute and document installation qualification scripts
  • Perform informal testing after the upgrade and apply required modifications and
  • Support performance qualification testing by fixing bugs and issues identified during the upgrade
  • Develop and implement a process to optimize searches and report printing across all time zones


  • CSols experts completed the LIMS project on-time and within budget
  • The centralized STARLIMS server reduced IT costs
  • The upgraded applications improved end-user experience
  • CSols’s on-call assistance improved issue resolution rates
  • Run time upgrade issues fully resolved
  • The well-developed, executed, and documented validation of STARLIMS reduced regulatory risk

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